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Want to get ripped? Here’s how.

Thursday, December 11, 2014 by  
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I hope some of you have enjoyed, and found useful, my recent series of articles discussing the important work that goes into preparing for a fat loss diet. So far there have been four articles in that series, and I’ll be publishing a fifth article when I return from my vacation later this month.

Here are the first four articles:


The fifth and final article in the above series will be focused on the mental aspect of fat loss, which is a vital component of any successful fat loss program or transformation.

Along those lines, in early 2012 I authored a series of “Fat Loss 101” blogs, and many of those article were focused on the mental challenges of fat loss. You may wish to give some, or all, of those works a gander:


Well-defined abs are achieved by lowering your body fat. My body fat is about 6% in this photo, and my abs are showing nicely.

Well-defined abs are achieved by lowering your body fat. My body fat is about 6% in this photo, and my abs are showing nicely.


Here are a few other fat loss/nutrition articles I’ve written that you may find helpful:


If you are planning to start a fat loss diet, I sincerely hope these articles are informative and help you get fired up. YOU CAN DO IT!

I strongly believe that quality fat loss and general health information should be freely available to everyone who wants it. That’s why John Stone Fitness and the JSF Forums have always been–and always will be–100% free. If you find this site, the JSF forums and the information here useful, and you have the means/desire to do so, feel free to make a voluntary donation by upgrading your JSF Membership.

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2 Responses to “Want to get ripped? Here’s how.”
  1. Awesome series of articles John! I have been a long time reader/follower of your progress. I don’t read everyday, but I try to stay up with the site…until now. As of yesterday (12/10/14), all tumors are stable. It has been a year and four months since the last surgery and I am setting new goals for 2015. My start date coincided with your January 5 start date…so I will be following the “John Stone All or Nothing Plan”! My goals may be somewhat different, but I look forward to “cutting” and riding with you.

    Note: I have upgraded my membership! Fantastic work John!

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