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The X9 is coming soon; Selling my Titan. X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym - Quarter View

As many of you know, for the past few years I’ve been working with a fitness equipment manufacturer, Bodyforce, on the development of an exciting commercial-grade home gym: The X9. I’m pleased to report that the X9 is finally complete! I’ve seen video of the finished X9 (complete with final paint and detailing) and it’s truly a thing of beauty. I saw a brief demo video in which one of the factory workers moved effortlessly… [Read more]

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Ready to cut; Post-vacation fitness report; 11th anniversary. From yesterday's 81 kilometer ride. It was an absolutely beautiful day!

Hello friends! I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday season, and had a happy and safe New Year’s day celebration. I enjoyed my time off, but it’s always nice to be back after a break. This week I’ll preparing for my 2014 cut, which starts a week from today (Monday, January 13, 2014). My goal for this cut is to diet down to the lightest weight I’ve been since my original transformation 11 years ago:… [Read more]

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