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Felt off yesterday, this morning; Recovery is important.

I was pressed for time yesterday, so I did a short 20 mile/32 kilometer mid-Tempo (Zone 3) solo ride: weighted average power of 239 watts, average speed of 21.5 MPH. This level of effort requires focus and is moderately difficult, but it’s not exactly killing it, either. I felt way off my game during yesterday’s ride, and I actually felt the same way on Tuesday’s fairly laid-back 54 mile/87 kilometer ride. This morning when I… [Read more]

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Keep your cycling kits smelling fresh with these tips. Some of my jerseys and bibs hang drying in the laundry room.

Cycling jerseys and bib shorts absorb a tremendous amount of sweat over their lifetimes, and even with regular laundering all that sweat can eventually lead to an unpleasant odor that remains in the fabric. Keeping your cycling clothing looking and smelling great isn’t difficult, but it does require a little more effort than simply emptying the contents of your smelly clothes hamper into the washer once per week. I’ve picked up a few tips and… [Read more]

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Another rant: City of Apopka litter. Gatorskin tires, widely considered to be "bullet-proof", are no match for the trash and glass found all over Apopka's roads. This is my third Gatorskin flat in less than a couple months. Every single flat has been in Apopka.

After a couple days of very hard riding at the Mount Dora Bike Festival (my complete post-event article can be found here: “The 40th Annual Mount Dora Bike Festival was a huge success!“), yesterday I decided to give my legs a little recovery time. Surprisingly I didn’t feel like going super easy, but I kept the power output nice and mellow, settling in at around 200 watts (Zone 2/Endurance) with an average speed of around… [Read more]

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The 40th Annual Mount Dora Bike Festival was a huge success! 2014 Mount Dora Bike Festival 100 mile ride about to roll out. I believe there were around 500 cyclists on this particular ride.

Friends, this past weekend was an absolutely incredible three days of fun and riding at the 40th annual Mount Dora Bike Festival (MDBF)! It was wonderful to see so many of you there enjoying the various fully-supported rides (with distances from 8 to 100 miles), the festivities, the contests, the food and our beautiful Florida weather. The festival attracted thousands of people from all over the state and beyond, and everyone seemed to be having… [Read more]

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2014 maintenance progress report: week #30 Myotape

Week #30 of my 2014 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. Tools of the trade This is the exact equipment I use to track my progress every week   RAW DATA My scale weight this morning (as measured by the ) is 164.0 pounds. That’s a -0.2 pound change since last week’s weight of 164.2 pounds, and a +5.6 pound change from my 2014 maintenance starting weight of 158.4… [Read more]

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Long day yesterday, looking forward to a long ride today! William and I marking the Assault on Sugarloaf route yesterday. This is about the halfway point, right before the left turn onto Sugarloaf Mountain Road.

Yesterday started a little before 4:00 AM and, apart from my morning ride, I worked until my head hit the pillow shortly after 8:00 PM. After finishing my blog and eating, I set off on my morning ride. I really enjoy riding in the dark, but yesterday morning the fog was so heavy that I was having a lot of trouble seeing the road. Have you ever hit your high beams in the fog? The… [Read more]

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Busy day: ride, route marking, work; Mount Dora Bike Festival is here! Mount Dora Bike Festival route marking supplies.

I woke up a little before 4:00 AM, and my mind was instantly racing with all the things I have to accomplish today. It’s going to be tough to squeeze everything in, but I’ll manage. In addition to all of the below stuff, I’ve got about 7-8 hours of work I need to get done before I go to bed. After I finish writing this blog and eat breakfast, I’m going to break out my… [Read more]

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Great ride yesterday inspired by some killer music.

Despite my broken toe, I’m feeling really good this week. My energy level is up, my legs feel good (it took them a couple days to fully recover from Sunday’s hilly 103 mile ride) and I’m feeling decently strong on the bike. Yesterday I only had a little over an hour to ride, so I decided to see how many miles I could ride in 01:15:00. I wound up getting in 28.3 miles (45.54 kilometers),… [Read more]

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What hurts worse than breaking a toe? It's been two weeks and it still hurts like hell to walk...

… stubbing an already broken toe, that’s what. It’s been two weeks since I broke my toe, but the damn thing hurts just about as much as it did the day after the accident. At this point all of the bruising is gone, but the toe and my foot are still very swollen. I’ve had my fair share of broken toes, so I can’t say I’m surprised that the toe is still a little swollen,… [Read more]

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How many miles will a road bike’s chain and cassette last? I'd like to run an 11-28 10-speed cassette on my 11-speed Plasma. Possible?

“How many miles will my road bike’s chain and cassette last?” That is an excellent question, but it’s also a question without a universal answer. The lifespan of those two wearable drivetrain components will vary drastically based on a number of factors, such as: Riding environment. Rain, sweat, snow, dust, dirt, mud… these contaminants are all hard on drivetrain components. If your bike is frequently exposed to some, or all, of these conditions, you can… [Read more]

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