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My cycling month in review: December 2014

Thursday, January 1, 2015 by  
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Happy New Year!

A new month is upon us and, as I always do on the first day of the month, this morning I’m going to review some of my cycling highlights, personal records and totals from the previous month.

Note that I’ll be doing a full year-end review of my year on the bike in tomorrow’s blog.

Even though I eased off a touch, December was another excellent month on the bike, and a perfect end to a pretty incredible year. Let’s see what’s what!

Before I get into all the numbers and details, here’s my Cycling Photo of the Month for December 2014 (click to enlarge):

This photo is actually a screen capture from video I shot during the Salt Springs Century ride a couple weeks ago. Absolutely beautiful! Also note the data overlays, which add some cool context to the video.

This photo is actually a screen capture from video I shot during the Salt Springs Century ride a couple weeks ago. Absolutely beautiful! Also note the data overlays, which add some cool context to the video.


Monthly Totals for Distance/Elevation/Time
  • Total Distance Ridden, December 2014: 1,676.94 kilometers/1,042.0 miles (Current PR, set August 2014: 2,051.11 kilometers/1,274.5 miles)
  • Total Elevation, December 2014: 29,749 feet/9,067.4952 meters (Current PR, set August 2014: 44,490 feet/13,560.55 meters)
  • Total Riding Time, December 2014: 51h 11m (Current PR set August 2014: 65h 48m)


Other Cycling Personal Records & Achievements


Over the past month I set a total of 54 cycling personal records for time on various Strava segments.


For Strava’s December 2014 Monthly Training Series (MTS) I rode more kilometers than 98.512% of Strava MTS cyclists worldwide, placing 1,240 out of a total of 83,332 athletes with 1,676.94 kilometers ridden from December 1st – December 31st.


My Training Calender: December 2014


My December 2014 Training Calender.

My December 2014 Training Calender.


VeloViewer Score

I’ve been using the awesome Strava companion site VeloViewer for quite some time now (in fact, that’s where some of the stats and charts in these monthly reports are obtained). If you’re a Strava cyclist who craves even more ways to crunch your ride data, then you owe it to yourself to check out VeloViewer. There’s a lot there, so explore and have some fun.

One of the features of VeloViewer that I really like is its innovative and unique VeloViewer Score.

The VeloViewer Score is a cool way for Strava users to compare themselves against other cyclists: It is the average segment position score from a cyclist’s top 25% (up to a maximum of 100) non-downhill segments. What I like about the VeloViewer Score is that it’s derived based on an algorithm that actually weights the number of other athletes who have also ridden the segments. In other words, VeloViewer understands and takes into account that a KOM with only 20 cyclists on the leaderboard is nowhere near as impressive as a KOM with 1,000 cyclists on the leaderboard.

Because of the way the VeloViewer Score is computed, it’s a unique method for cyclists who live far apart and never ride the same segments to compare their overall performances.

Go create your own VeloViewer account and see how you stack up with your Strava friends across the globe! Note that as of November 2014 VeloViewer is no longer a free service. The cost, however, is only about $16.00 (USD) per year, and I feel its features are well worth what comes to a little over a buck a month.

My VeloViewer Score is 99.01 as of December 31, 2014.

My VeloViewer Score is 99.01 as of December 31, 2014.


2014 Goals Progress

In late 2013 I publicly announced a couple of cycling distance and elevation goals for 2014. Those goals were to ride at least 10,000 kilometers (6,214 miles) with more than 160,000 feet of elevation. Earlier this year I added the additional goal of riding my bike every single day in 2014.

When I established these distance and elevation goals in late 2013, they were considerably higher than anything I’d ever done before. Because I reached both of those goals so quickly, earlier this year I significantly revised them. My revised goals for 2014 were to ride at least 20,000 kilometers (12,427 miles) with 360,000 feet of elevation.

The year is over, so let’s see how I did:

My 2014 distance total is 20,146.25 kilometers (12,518.3 miles). Goal reached!

In 2014 I ascended 383,133 feet (116,778.94 meters). Goal reached!

I’m very happy to report that yesterday I successfully completed my Ride Every Day in 2014 Challenge! I have now ridden my bike every single day for 366 days straight (at least one ride every day from December 31, 2013 forward). This was a tough one, and I’ll talk more about it in tomorrow’s blog. My criteria for the Ride Every Day challenge can be found here.

I spent a total of 648 hours in the saddle in 2014.

Here are comparisons of my distance and elevation for 2012, 2013 and 2014 (click to enlarge):

Distance comparison: 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Distance comparison: 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Elevation comparison: 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Elevation comparison: 2012, 2013 and 2014.


Power Output Personal Records

Here’s a look at my current power curve (click to enlarge), followed by a chart with my actual power output personal records at various time intervals.

My power curve as of December 31, 2014

My power curve as of December 31, 2014


I set a total of 2 new power output personal records in December.

Here’s my complete power output chart (my current power chart can always be found in the “Cycling” section on the main menu, above):

January 1, 2015 - Power Output Personal Records - Weight: 79.83 kg - FTP: 305

1 second144919.11August 9, 2014-
5 seconds101613.4July 5, 2014-
10 seconds98312.96July 5, 2014-
15 seconds95612.61July 5, 2014-
20 seconds93612.34July 5, 2014-
30 seconds85511.27July 5, 2014-
45 seconds6869.05December 25, 2014+14 watts
1 minute5977.87July 24, 2014-
1.5 minutes5196.84October 18, 2014-
2 minutes4876.42October 18, 2014-
3 minutes4315.68October 18, 2014-
4 minutes3845.06June 2, 2014-
5 minutes3694.87June 4, 2014-
6 minutes3504.61September 19, 2014-
7 minutes3454.55September 19, 2014-
8 minutes3384.46November 19, 2014
9 minutes3404.48November 19, 2014
10 minutes3424.51November 19, 2014
15 minutes3094.07November 12, 2014
20 minutes3064.03August 20, 2014-
30 minutes2873.78April 21, 2014-
45 minutes2813.71April 21, 2014-
1 hour2793.68April 21, 2014-
1.5 hours2523.32November 12, 2014
2 hours2493.28November 12, 2014
2.5 hours2443.22November 12, 2014
3 hours2212.91December 18, 2014+9 watts
4 hours1922.53October 26, 2014-
5 hours1832.41November 16, 2014
6 hours1622.14October 5, 2014-
7 hours1161.53April 6, 2014-
8 hours1091.44April 6, 2014-
9 hours1091.44April 6, 2014-
10 hours1091.44April 6, 2014-

Look for my year end wrap up in tomorrow’s blog. Oh, a lot of people have asked if, now that my 2014 challenge is complete, I’m riding today. The answer is yes! 🙂


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