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2015 Cut starts in two days; Changes?

Saturday, January 3, 2015 by  
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I’m stoked about my 2015 cut, which starts on Monday! I’m doing a couple of rides this weekend, but I’m going to keep the intensity fairly low. This weekend is my last chance to relax and indulge before I resume hard training and a strict diet.



For the past month my diet has been sloppy, and I’ve been consuming far more alcohol than my usual 1-2 times per week. In addition to the weight I’ve put on, the difference in how I feel, both on and off the bike, is extreme–and not in a good way. I don’t like it one bit.

I almost always relax my diet and training as we close out the year, and then I spend the first couple months of the new year cutting back to “racing weight”. This pattern established itself back in my bodybuilding days (although back then I was cutting away fat gained during my winter bulks, some of which were really sloppy). None of this has ever been a problem for me, as cutting weight is simply a matter of solid planning and then executing the plan with discipline. Hell, part of me really enjoys cutting weight.

But, as I sit here this morning, I am reconsidering the wisdom of my established norm. I really don’t like feeling less than 100%, and I don’t like performing at less than my althletic potential.

I’m about to cut to 155 pounds–a new low for me–and I’m strongly considering a new goal. That goal would be to close out 2015 close enough to that weight that a cut in 2016 will not be required. I’m going to give this some thought as my cut proceeds.

Anyway, these are just a few thoughts rattling around in my head this morning, and I thought I’d put them out there.

Tomorrow I’m going to post the final article in my “How I Prepare for a Cut” series, and on Monday morning I’ll post my starting stats and recap all the details of how I’m going about my cut. Let’s get shredded!

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5 Responses to “2015 Cut starts in two days; Changes?”
  1. I agree with maintaing a base. Last year I lost 17 pounds starting in May and ending in September specifically for 6 Gap. It was effective and as a result I had a succesful ride, but this year my plan is maintain my current weight all the way to 6 Gap, but continue to work on my power and endurance without having to balance losing weight with maintaining power at the same time, which as you know is always the objective for cyclists. I believe with weight loss off the table I’ll be able to devote full strength and focus on building up from my power and endurance and hopefully be more, if even just a little, more prepared for another succesful 6 Gap.

    John, I know you’ve left the door open for how much you actually plan on losing, but I think as you go along you will find that losing the amount of weight you are tenatively planning
    on will be counterproductive to your power and you will stop short of going as low as you are planning now. I say this in particular regards to the kind of riding and terrain here in Florida. The weight you rode at in 2014 with your power is always going to be optimal for where we typically ride. I would say that only if you lived in the mountains and really wanted to become a pure climber so to speak would your new weight goal ultimately make a difference, and even then I’m not so sure. Before last year the lightest I ever rode 6 Gap was 167, and last year which was my best ride to date I weighed 182, but felt so much stronger and fitter that the trade off for going lower on weight and losing that power I don’t feel would have been worth it.

    That being said, truth be told I pretty much struck a deal with the wife not to lose too much weight so maybe I just went as low as I could get away with last year and made the best of it, but really looking back I really think it worked out best!!! 🙂 I’m looking forward to how this plays out for you, and unfortunately either way I have no doubt I’ll be on the receiving end of some pain and suffering at your hands John!!!!

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    • When I finished my 2014 cut I was at 158 pounds, and still setting PRs left and right. So I do feel that 155 pounds, which is this year’s goal, will not be counter-productive. Over the past year I’ve shed a little more “show” muscle (for example, my arms are twigs compared to what they looked like about 4 years ago), so I think I’ll be at roughly the same body fat percentage this year as I was last year (at a reduced weight).

      Of course I’ll be keeping very close tabs on my power to weight ratio. If my weight loss starts to become counter-productive, I won’t hesitate to pull the plug. The added wrinkle, of course, is that while in a caloric deficit I may seem some temporary loss of power, so there is some subjectivity there. Any minor loss in power while I’m actively cutting will almost always be temporary, and will not be an issue once I return to maintenance level calories.

      Can’t wait for Six Gap!!!!

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