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2015 cut starts tomorrow – final preparations underway.

Sunday, January 4, 2015 by  
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…of course by “final preparations” I mean “eating everything in sight”. 🙂

In all seriousness, today will certainly be a splurge day. Because I choose to cut in “all or nothing” mode (I’ll explain what that is in a moment for those who don’t know), today is my last chance to indulge for at least the next couple of months. I’m planning to have some theater popcorn, and tonight I’ll be making an awesome steak dinner with thick french fries and garlic bread.


Getting back to “all or nothing”. This is how I describe the method I use to cut body fat. Essentially it means that until I reach my goal I am 100% strict while dieting: No cheat meals, no alcohol, no missed workouts, plenty of rest each night, all-natural healthy foods and NO EXCUSES.

Why do I cut weight this way? Because nothing is more motivating than progress, and so I do everything in my power to maximize progress. When I start a cut, it becomes a priority in my life. Anything that doesn’t get me closer to my goal is eliminated.

Some people choose to cut weight using a much slower process that involves making small changes. Minor changes will get you results, but obviously those results come much slower than someone who follows a program like mine. Neither method is “better” than the other, they are just different. Really it boils down to what fits your lifestyle and personality the best. People who chose the wrong method will almost always fail. Temet Nosce.

For me there’s no choice, I’m very “all or nothing” in pretty much every way. I’m the type of guy who like to see progress happen as quickly as possible. I jump into cold pools. I rip Band-aids off. When I choose to do something, I get borderline obsessive about it.

Today’s blog was originally going to be the fifth article in my “How I Prepare for a Cut” series. I’ve decided to shelve that article because it doesn’t really fit with the preparation aspect of a cut. I will, however, still write that article at some point during my cut. Waiting actually makes sense, as no one needs motivation to start a diet; sticking with the diet over the long haul is what most people find challenging. So hopefully the article will be well-timed for those of you who may need a shot of motivation.

Tomorrow’s blog will have a complete run down of my goals, my starting stats and a fairly comprehensive review of my plan.

If you missed my “How I Prepare for a Cut” series, here are the four articles:


Also, in early 2012 I authored a series of “Fat Loss 101” blogs, and many of those article were focused on the mental challenges of fat loss. You may wish to give some, or all, of those works a gander:

If you’re cutting with me starting tomorrow, enjoy today because tomorrow we’re going to get down to business. Show up with your game faces on, and save your excuses for someone who cares. Let’s do this!

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