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I love my devoted fans; New goal for 2015; Last cut?

Friday, January 9, 2015 by  
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I closed out yesterday’s blog, “The fog of war (on fat)“, with an incredible and suspenseful cliffhanger. Many of you are, unquestionably, nursing sore wrists this morning from hitting your browser’s “Refresh” button over the past 24 hours. By “many of you” I mean the gentleman, along with his 5 personalities, who was kind enough to mail me his underwear (technically they are panties).

Dude(s), I rubbed the lotion on my skin. Promise. Please don’t kill me.

About a week ago I said that I was mulling over the wisdom, or lack thereof, of these yearly cuts I enjoy doing (and I do enjoy them). Those of you who struggle to cut body fat and would rather have a sleepover with the guy I mentioned in the opening paragraph than go on a diet are probably screaming at your screens right now, but I have my reasons…

As long-time readers know, I generally maintain my weight and body fat all year long, and then relax my diet towards the end of November until early January. After being so strict all year long, this is a nice little end-of-the-year “reward” that allows me to enjoy the holidays without worrying about what I’m eating or drinking.

I also enjoy cutting because I like setting goals, and working towards them. I dig the structure of a strict cut, and the renewed focus on my diet and training. While a healthy diet and hard training are important in my life year-round, making those things my top priorities for a couple months is something I always look forward to doing.

Yet another reason I like doing these cuts is because I hear from many JSF members and visitors who find inspiration in them. This may come as a surprise, but I don’t write these daily blogs to receive undergarments from stalkers; I do it because I love to see people succeed and change their lives for the better.

So that’s the good stuff, but there’s a jagged downside as well.

For starters, weight fluctuations between my usual 158-163 pounds up to 180+ pounds are not healthy. This is particularly true as we age, and at 46 years old I’m not a kid anymore.

As a committed cyclist, I like to be in good condition year-round; allowing my weight to come up, however, sort of counteracts that. This is especially true when I have to cut body fat because my performance on the bike suffers while I’m in a caloric deficit.

Further, I’ve recently become interested in getting into cycling road racing. Racing season is already underway, and I can’t perform anywhere close to my potential when I’ve been eating under maintenance for weeks or even months.

Finally, when I’m involved in one of my ultra-strict cuts, there are times when I have to pass on social gatherings with friends, family and fellow riders. I can’t go out to eat and enjoy a post-ride pizza and a few beers with my friends while I’m cutting, and that sucks. I mean, of course I could , but that’s not how I’m wired. It would derail my cut, so it’s not a real option.

I’ve been mulling all of this stuff over for about a week. I’ve decided that the cons outweigh the pros, and I’m officially making it a goal to maintain my weight and body fat THROUGH the 2015 holidays. I’m not saying I can’t put on a few pounds over the year, but I need to keep it reasonable.

So, enjoy this one, friends. It may be the last cut for a while.

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