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Introducing Sonny!

Monday, January 12, 2015 by  
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If we’re Facebook friends you probably saw all of this unfold over the weekend, but I know quite a few JSF’ers are not on Facebook and cared a lot about Loki and Turtle. So this is a pretty cool personal update that has nothing to do with fitness.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been nearly a year since we lost Loki, and five years since Turtle lost her battle with cancer. Since Loki died last February (at the age of 18!), Lisa and I have had a pretty tough time. He and Turtle were such a huge part of our family for such a long time that we needed some distance before we were ready to even consider bringing new dogs into the fold.

Over the past few weeks Lisa and I have been talking quite a bit about making that move, and we knew the time was finally right. It was just a matter of finding the dogs (once Sonny is settled in we’ll be adopting another) that are meant to be with us. 🙂

Recently there was a local news story about an abused puppy, now named Champion. Champion was used as a “bait” dog by a bunch of evil sub-humans who should be exterminated. Seriously, if you enjoy watching other living creatures tear each other apart, then you’re horribly broken. Do the rest of society a favor: find an empty room and put a bullet in your head.

I feel a rant coming on, and this is supposed to be a positive blog. Walking away…

Okay. Calmer now.

The original news story about Champion is here, there’s a follow-up here, and you can donate here (Warning: graphic photo).

A lot has happened since that follow-up story. While Champion has a long road in front of him, he’s going to make it! “Me and My Shadow Dog Rescue” (MAMS), which is run by a wonderful, selfless woman named Julie Galante, is the organization that saved Champion. MAMS is posting regular updates on their Facebook page, and also information on other deserving dogs who need loving forever homes. Please check it out.

So another dog, Sonny, came to our attention thanks to Champion and the Me and My Shadow Dog Rescue (MAMS). Lonny and Kelly Reid are a couple of dog lovers who, at their own time and expense, rescue and foster dogs and other animals. Awesome people all the way around. Well, MAMS cross-posted (on their Facebook page) some photographs of a dog Lonny and Kelly had been fostering for more than a half-year. Sonny looks so much like Turtle that I could not stop thinking about him. After talking with Lisa, I made contact with Julie (of MAMS), and then with Kelly. Kelly and I had a fairly lengthy phone conversation, and I decided that we had to meet Sonny.

Lonny and Kelly brought Sonny to our home on Saturday, January 10, 2015. We were amazed that Sonny doesn’t just look like Turtle, he acts like Turtle–right down to the way he stretches and yawns. We instantly fell in love with him, and welcomed him into our family.

Sonny’s story: Sonny is an approximately 2 year-old, 41 pound (as of January 2015) mixed breed dog, believed to be mostly american staffordshire terrier and black mouth cur. He was rescued from the Orange County Animal Shelter last May by Lonny and Kelly mere hours before he was to be euthanized. Sonny needed surgery on his back leg, and money was raised to give him the care he needed. As I mentioned, Lonny and Kelly fostered Sonny, patiently waiting for the right people to come along.

Sonny is funny, playful, sweet, eager to please and very high energy. As much as Sonny loves to play, he loves to snuggle just as much. He’ll climb right up into our laps and fall asleep almost instantly. It’s amazing how quickly and seamlessly he’s become part of our pack. We just love him, and the past 36 hours have been very happy ones for all three of us. 🙂

Here are a few pictures of Sonny, and a video. When we shot this video yesterday morning we were amazed at Sonny’s energy. Turns out that little jaunt was practically nothing: this morning I took Sonny out back and he went completely apeshit (picture the Tasmanian devil after 3 pots of coffee) for a solid 15 minutes. 😀

This photo was taken Saturday evening during Sonny's first visit. It was love at first sight. :)

This photo was taken Saturday evening during Sonny’s first visit. It was love at first sight. 🙂

Here's Sonny saying goodbye to his wonderful foster family and rescuers, Kelly and Lonny Reid, and their adorable son, Jax.

Here’s Sonny saying goodbye to his wonderful foster family and rescuers, Kelly and Lonny Reid, and their adorable son, Jax.

He's such a sweet boy.

He’s such a sweet boy.

Sonny looks so much like Turtle it's a little scary! He doesn't just look like Turtle, his personality--right down to the way he stretches and yawns--is eerily similar.

Sonny looks so much like Turtle it’s a little scary! He doesn’t just look like Turtle, his personality–right down to the way he stretches and yawns–is eerily similar.

Here’s a photo of Turtle for comparison:



Sonny relaxing after a long play session.

Sonny relaxing after a long play session.

Quick video:

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15 Responses to “Introducing Sonny!”
  1. Wow. Big congrats. Sonny’s come to a great home. He looks like a fine dog. Any idea what the calories-per-hour burn rate is for the fetch-and-shake activity? Looks like it’s one that I should add to my cardio workout.

    Just occurred to me: I think I can rig my heart rate monitor (chest strap) on my dog. I wonder what I’d get after her daily run? Next: I’ll sign her up to MFP.

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    • Thanks, Neil. We’re having a blast! He passed the first “home alone test” while I rode today. I stopped a couple times on my ride and watched him on the security cameras, and he seemed anxious and a little stressed, but he settled down after a bit and was fine. No damage or accidents. 🙂

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