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Feeling really good right now; Love having a dog again (video!)

Friday, January 16, 2015 by  
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Recovering from a couple months of junk food and alcohol doesn’t happen overnight. It usually takes me a week or two after coming off my 6-8 week extended winter holiday splurge to adapt to the reduced calories, and get back to feeling like myself. Even though I’ve lost a little power on the bike (temporarily, because I’m eating under maintenance), I’ve been feeling quite good the past couple of days: I’m sleeping well, my energy levels have been increasing and I’ve been feeling positive and upbeat.

I’m extremely fortunate because I have such a supportive wife. Lisa, who is naturally thin and very ectomorphic, certainly can get away with a much more relaxed diet than I can. Despite that, when I cut weight she jumps right in there with me 100%! She eats super healthy, and she completely abstains from alcohol right along with me.

plus_symbol_addLisa and I were talking last night about how great we always feel when we resume our normal healthy diets after the winter holidays. Even though I always enjoy my holiday dietary free-for-all, once I come off it I can’t help but notice the stark difference in how I feel. This just reaffirms my recent choice to stop this relatively brief, but ultimately foolish, yearly tradition. I can still enjoy the holidays and relax my diet without turning into a glutton for six weeks.

As an aside, I think part of the reason I’m feeling so good this week is because I have a dog in my life again. Lisa and I are huge dog lovers, and this past year was the first time in our adult lives we did not have at least one dog running around our house. After Loki died last February Lisa and I were in this weird twilight zone of missing having dogs, but grieving too much to think about “replacing” Loki and Turtle. Hard to explain that one. It just took time.

Sonny, who we adopted last weekend, is a hellion. If I had Sonny’s energy I’d be on the podium at Le Tour this summer. He’s quite well behaved, but he’s become very attached to me and gets upset when I leave for my daily rides. He’s not done anything destructive (just some minor stuff, and a couple of accidents), but after my ride when I review the security camera footage I can see that he’s pretty stressed out while I’m gone. I’ve been limiting my morning rides to an hour per day this week to help him adapt.

You’ll see in the below footage that we have a crate, and Sonny does seem to enjoy getting in it for a good chew (with the gate open), but I can’t bring myself to lock him in there while I’m gone. I’m hopeful that eventually he’ll realize that when I leave it’s only going to be for a few hours, and that I will always return to him. Considering what Sonny has been though, I’m not surprised that he has some abandonment issues.

So here’s some funny footage of Sonny from yesterday after I gave him a brand new toy. Stay tuned after the first part for a hilarious metalcore remix. 🙂

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2 Responses to “Feeling really good right now; Love having a dog again (video!)”
  1. “I can still enjoy the holidays and relax my diet without turning into a glutton for six weeks.”

    This is precisely what I did this past holiday season. Instead of letting it all go all the time, I simply did my thing at home and work like I always do and then at the family gatherings I just enjoyed myself and didn’t worry. It was a hybrid approach and I more or less stayed status quo through the holidays, maybe a 1-3 pound gain. Had we not gone away for 5 days I’m certain it wouldn’t have been any gain.

    And keep the videos of Sonny coming! 🙂 Is it plausible to take him with you on a ride of some sort on occasion?

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