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Rain and wind; Good luck to my friends racing today; Sonny!

Saturday, January 24, 2015 by  
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I can handle riding in the rain, and I can handle riding in the wind–hell, some days I’ll saddle up and deal with both of those things at the same time. This morning is not going to be one of those times.

We had heavy overnight rain (the storm actually woke me up twice), and as I type this there is a light rain still falling. The streets are super slick, and it’s very, very windy right now. The forecast says the winds will actually be growing stronger, and to expect 15-25 MPH winds from the NNW. Slick roads and high winds are a very bad combination for cycling.

I woke up with a headache for some reason, and I’m simply not in the mood to ride in dangerous conditions. Maybe part of it are all the accidents and close calls that have struck so close to home in recent days. Bottom line: I’m not riding this morning. I’ll either grab a trainer ride, or wait until the streets dry before heading out (I’m definitely riding today, of course!)

On the fat loss side of things, I’ve made some good progress this week (look for my usual weekly report tomorrow), but I’ve been feeling a little weak. Before yesterday’s ride I actually had to consume an energy gel just to get out the door for a short 20 mile ride. By comparison, I normally will do an entire century (100 mile) ride with nothing more than a couple GU gels and, perhaps, a Clif bar. I’m definitely feeling the lack of calories.

I’ve mentioned that I plan to get into road racing this year. My buddy Hector tried to talk me into racing today at the Race for Humanity in Dade City, but there’s no way I’m doing my first road race feeling as weak as I am right now. Eating under maintenance for several weeks is not exactly ideal before a race, and it’s also a safety thing: I’ve only done a little mountain bike racing, and have never done a road race. Riding all out with no road racing experience when I’m feeling weak is pretty dangerous. This is especially true in the weather conditions we’re currently experiencing.

I am VERY excited about racing, and I can’t wait for this cut to end so I can get my strength back up. I have a feeling I’m going to get hooked pretty quickly.

I’d like to wish Hector and my other friends who are racing today good luck. Ride safe, have fun and kick some ass!

I’m feeling too lazy to go take a picture of something apropos for this blog, like the brooding storm clouds, so instead here are some pictures of Sonny that I took over the past week (some of these are on Facebook, but some are being posted here for the first time).

Have a great Saturday! 🙂

Sonny playing_IMG_3844-Edit

Sonny playing_IMG_3806-Edit

Sonny playing_IMG_3784-Edit

Sonny running_IMG_3753-Edit

Sonny running_IMG_3741-Edit

Sonny running_IMG_3727-Edit

Sonny running_IMG_3726-Edit

Sonny running_IMG_3711-Edit

sonny 3 days accident free_IMG_3769-Edit

Sonny running_IMG_3701-Edit

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