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Excellent hill training ride yesterday!

Monday, January 26, 2015 by  
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In yesterday’s weekly progress report I spoke of a hill training ride I was going to be doing later in the morning. While I set a number of new power PRs over the past week, all of those hard power efforts were fairly short in length. Because I’ve been eating under maintenance for three weeks (and definitely feeling a little on the weak side of things), I was concerned that I might struggle in the hills. This concern was particularly true of yesterday’s ride because all my riding partners are strong racers.

Hector (Team KBS) and I drove to the meeting location together, and there we met up with Alfredo, Jose and Laura, all of Team KBS.

The plan was to warm up by sussing out the flat and fast 2 mile “Race of the West” circuit course, which is coming up next weekend. The roads were freshly paved and in great shape. That’s going to be a very fast race.

After the warmup laps, we got to the meat of our training ride: the UCF Road Race course, which is a nice and hilly ~12 mile loop in Clermont, Florida.

The pace for our little front group was at a solid tempo-level. On the first lap Laura dropped back, and Jose remained with her. On the second lap Alfredo rode with Laura, while Hector, Jose and I rode together at a faster pace. After the first couple of laps everyone had to split, so Hector and I did another lap together.

Hector getting aero on the top tube as we near the bottom of one of the speedy descents.

Hector getting aero on the top tube as we near the bottom of one of the speedy descents.


The ride total was only 45 miles, and even with the flat 10 mile warmup we still got right at 3,000 feet of elevation. While we were certainly not riding at a racing pace, we were definitely working. This is especially true considering the very small group of 2-3 guys. We were fighting a pretty decent wind much of the loop, as well.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that I felt just fine and rode solid. No problem with bonking or energy, but I did have to consume a little more intra-ride nutrition than usual for such a short ride (a Clif bar and an energy gel). I also had a Clif bar just before the ride.

I have footage of the ride, and may throw something together tonight if I have time.

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2 Responses to “Excellent hill training ride yesterday!”
  1. Sounds like a perfect course for training. I’m shaking my head at Hector in short sleeves on what I know was a chilly day!!! I grew up in Michigan so maybe I’ve used up all my cold genes, but I am just hating this weather and can’t wait for it to warm up and get out more with you tough guys. 😉

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