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First mini-milestone reached; Looking forward to today’s ride!

Friday, January 30, 2015 by  
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milestonesWhen I’m cutting I like to set and acknowledge certain mini-milestones along the journey. Doing this helps keep me motivated as I work towards my ultimate goal.

Yesterday I reached one of those intra-cut markers, and dropped below 170 pounds! My scale weight yesterday morning was 169.4, which puts me right at a 10 pound loss since my cut started on January 5th. It feels good to be back into the 160s, and to have less than 14 pounds remaining to reach my final goal of 155.x pounds!

The next mini-milestone will be 160 pounds, and from there it’s just a matter of dropping another 4-5 pounds. Those last 4-5 pounds will probably be the toughest, as the lightest I’ve been was 158.4 after last year’s cut.

While I definitely want to drop to 155, I’m not going to continue if at some point my performance on the bike starts to suffer significantly. Some amount of power loss is to be expected after a couple months of dieting, but if I start feeling especially weak as I drop below 160 pounds I wont hesitate to resume maintenance calories. Light is good when you’re a cyclists; light and weak is stupid.

I’m excited about this morning’s ride: 100 miles with a couple fast friends. This should burn a calorie or two… 🙂

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