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Feeling great, right on schedule.

Thursday, February 5, 2015 by  
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Yesterday morning when I stepped on the scale I was down another 0.4 pounds (166.6), bringing this week’s weight loss to 1.4 pounds after 3 days. I’m obviously really happy about that at this stage of the game.

Asian Stir Fry

Asian Stir Fry

Last night I prepared my favorite Asian stir fry for Meal #5. This dish is very healthy, but I generally hold a little water the day after consuming it because it’s a bit higher in sodium than most of my other meals (mainly due to the fish sauce and soy sauce). Because of that, I expected my scale weight to be up a tad this morning or, at best, to be the same as it was yesterday.

I was, therefore, a little surprised when I stepped on my trusty Eatsmart Digital Bathroom scale this morning and saw 166.4 glowing on the display. Nice!

So I’m down 1.6 pounds so far this week, and by Sunday I’m sure I’ll be down at least another pound. The additional pound by Sunday is virtually guaranteed because on Saturday I’ll be doing a 106 mile ride, and the pace will be… aggressive. 🙂 Added to that, I don’t think there will be more than a small handful of us riding at an A pace (perhaps as few as just me and one other guy), so my share of the workload will be significant. I expect the ride to be painful, yet satisfying and productive.

So, assuming I’m at 165.6 pounds (or lighter) on Sunday, that means I’ll be looking at less than 10 pounds to go before I reach my goal of 155.x pounds. I am still shooting for a March 8th deadline, so this is precisely where I want to be at this point. If I don’t encounter a stall, I expect to wrap this cut up in just four weeks’ time.

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