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Recovered from Saturday’s ride; Scale weight predictions spot-on.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 by  
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In this past Sunday’s weekly progress report, I indicated that my scale weight loss for the week (4 pounds) was probably a bit of a red herring. On Sunday morning I was still depleted from Saturday’s extremely difficult 106 mile training ride, and I reasoned that about a pound of my scale weight loss for the week would be put back on as I replenished.

Sure enough, yesterday morning my scale weight was up 1.2 pounds (164 pounds on Sunday, 165.2 pounds yesterday). This morning my weight is identical to yesterday’s weight, so I think 165.2 pounds is my actual current weight. That puts last weeks actual scale weight loss at 2.8 pounds, and not 4.0 pounds, and my lean mass loss at a much more reasonable 0.58 pounds vs the reported 1.7 pounds.

The above is purely informational: my Sunday stats are my Sunday stats, and it’s not like I am going to go back and change them. I do, however, believe that it’s very important to discuss what’s behind the numbers.

I keep this next to my scale.

I keep this next to my scale.

It amazing how adept I’ve become at predicting these sorts of things. More than a decade of closely monitoring my health, weight, body fat, measurements, diet and training has done that for me. Heck, before I step on the scale each evening before bed, I always play a little game and try to guess what my evening weight will be (this varies quite a bit based on many factors). My predictions are almost always within a couple tenths of a pound and, more often than not, right on the money.

Note that I weigh myself in the evenings just for fun, and to satisfy my own curiosity. Why? I simply find it interesting to see how my body reacts to different meals and the day’s activity level, and I also like to see how much weight I lose overnight and how that correlates to the number of times I wake up to urinate. Just more geeky information for a stats nerd. 🙂 If the number on the scale affects your mood, then please don’t do this! Do your weigh-ins once per week and under the exact same conditions (I recommend first thing in the morning after using the bathroom).

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