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My Garmin Edge 810 screen configurations.

Thursday, February 12, 2015 by  
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I’ve had my Garmin Edge 810 cycling computer for an entire year now (purchased February 2014). While the Edge 810 is not perfect (what is?), overall I’m extremely pleased with this very feature-rich and capable bike computer.

As someone who is perpetually lost, the 810’s turn-by-turn guidance feature has been a godsend.

The innovative “Live Track” feature is fantastic, as it allows my friends, family and other interested parties to watch my rides on a map in real time, with all kinds of stats (time elapsed, distance, speed and elevation). If I have a problem on one of my rides, Lisa knows exactly where I am.

The Edge 810 is very flexible, and it allows users to customize everything from the number of screens displayed (switching screens is accomplished with a quick swipe on the 810’s resistive touch screen), to the number and types of data fields displayed on each screen.

Over the past year I’ve experimented with all sorts of different screen layouts and configurations. Because the system is so flexible, it was months before I finally settled into the configuration best suited for me and my riding.

I thought today I’d share the screen configurations for my training and group road rides.

This is the main screen, and what I am looking at most of the time when I’m riding. As you can see, my speed and power are given the most space. I find that 3s power is better than 1s power, as it smooths out the power data (which naturally jumps around). Cadence, heart rate, total distance and elapsed ride time are also shown here.

Garmin Edge 810: Page 1

Garmin Edge 810: Page 1


Here’s a quick tip. I know some riders who show the current time, temperature and even remaining battery life on some of their screens. This is a waste of valuable screen real estate, as all three of those things can be instantly displayed simply by taping the screen (a small overlay appears with all this information at the top of the screen, and it automatically disappears after 5 seconds).

On page two I have various ride averages: speed, power, cadence and heart rate:

Garmin Edge 810: Page 2

Garmin Edge 810: Page 2


Page three is my elevation screen. On this screen I’ve got my total ascent (measured in feet), the current grade percentage, my current vertical speed (feet/hour) and my total descent (in feet).

Garmin Edge 810: Page 3

Garmin Edge 810: Page 3


Finally, on the fourth page I’ve got the map. I sometimes will leave the map page up for various reasons, and so I’ve got two overlays on the map page (not shown below): my current speed, and “Distance to next”, which is only used if I’m utilizing turn-by-turn directions.

Garmin Edge 810: Page 4

Garmin Edge 810: Page 4


I always find it interesting to see what others are doing with their computers, so feel free to post your own screen configurations!

Note: to put most Garmin cycling computers in screen capture mode, go to “Settings” -> “System” -> “Display” -> “Screen Capture” and toggle it on. Then, to take a screen shot, simply hit the “Lap” button. Screen shots are saved on the Garmin to “\Garmin\scrn\”.

John Stone Fitness Comments

7 Responses to “My Garmin Edge 810 screen configurations.”
  1. John, how does the Garmin calculate wattage? I’ve been exploring the various options — hubs, pedals, chain tension, calculated, etc . — but don’t know how Garmin works their magic. Yeah, I could Google it but thought it might be interesting for other visitors.

    Have you ever used a PowerTap or other mechanical system?

    PS OK, I stopped being lazy and looked on Garmin’s forum:

    “The formula to use relies on our bike+Rider weight (already in Garmin), the speed you are traveling at (calculated in Garmin) and the Gradient (yet again calculated in Garmin).” Blah.

    The only factor they don’t correct for is wind speed. I see that Polar is doing that, but I don’t know how accurate it is — or whether it can correct for both headwinds and tailwinds — not that I’ve ever ridden in a tailwind!

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  2. Cheers john, Ride telemetry would be awesome, I’m working on adding some captions.
    The Fly12 (on kickstarter) will have the ability to link to the strava app and save the telemetry to the footage like the Garmin Vibe thingy.

    It’s all about the Data, about the data….oh and the pain faces

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