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Possible fat loss plateau, here’s the plan.


It looks like I may have encountered my first stall of this cut. I’m actually up a little bit from last Sunday’s weight. It’s important to note that this past Sunday I was depleted from the hard training ride I’d done the day prior, but my weight today is the same as it was after I’d fully recovered from Saturday’s ride.

It’s interesting because last week was a spectacular week of progress (down 4.0 pounds), and this week there has been absolutely no observable progress (so far). Hey, that’s fat loss for you! 🙂



Stalls are part of fat loss, and certainly nothing to get stressed over. That’s not to suggest that plateaus aren’t annoying–they most certainly are. This is especially true when your diet is tight and you’re training hard.

I’ve written plenty of articles on how I deal with stalls, most recently last month (see “Fat loss is nonlinear; Recognizing and dealing with stalls.

Taking my own advice, I am not going to make any changes until at least next week. I’ll see how things look on Sunday when I do my usual weekly status report. Fat loss really is a non-linear process, and I could very well wind up dropping a couple of pounds before Sunday morning.

If I do decide that alterations are required, I’m going to start with training. So far on this cut I’ve only been getting in a couple hundred miles per week on the bike, and so there’s plenty of room to increase that (300+ miles per week is not uncommon for me when I’m in full swing).

I’m already feeling very hungry all of the time, and so I do not want to cut calories unless I absolutely have to. In fact I may go the opposite direction and do a clean refeed, which often helps alleviate persistent hunger pangs.

I’ll see how things look on Sunday and go from there!