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Good rides over the weekend; Actually felt full after dinner last night!

Monday, February 16, 2015 by  
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Over the weekend I did a couple of pretty good rides, totaling 112 miles with almost 5,000 feet of elevation.

Saturday’s ride was supposed to be a group ride, but the freezing temperatures scared just about everyone off. With the temperature sitting at 32°F (my Garmin actually recorded a low of 30°F on that ride), my friend William and I set off on our bikes at 7:00 AM to meet the group at 8:00. Just one other guy, Brian, showed up for the group ride. 😐

The planned route for Saturday’s “group” ride was quite short, and before the ride I asked William if he wanted to head over to Clermont for some hills and extend the ride to a little over a metric century. William was all in, but Brian was not, so after about 10 miles William and I said goodbye to Brian and turned south towards Clermont.

My Garmin Virb camera captured William, left, and me at our only SAG stop on Saturday's chilly ride.

My Garmin Virb camera captured William, left, and me at our only SAG stop on Saturday’s chilly ride.


Normally Clermont is crawling with cyclists, especially on Saturday mornings, but I didn’t see anyone else on a bike during the entire 67 mile ride. Yeah, it was a little uncomfortable when we rolled out, but after I warmed up I was just fine and really enjoyed the ride.

The overall pace on Saturday was below par, but the headwinds and crosswinds put us to work. I also hit some of the hills pretty hard. I definitely got a decent workout in, and had a lot of fun. Super glad I rode!

Some of my friends were doing a group ride on Sunday, but their plan was 80-100 miles (they actually wound up doing 45 miles and then went out for burgers and beer, lol). Anyway, I had a lot to do on Sunday and didn’t have time for a century, so I decided to grab an early 45 mile solo training ride instead.

My overall ride average yesterday was 21 MPH, mostly in low tempo zone. I also did a handful of sustained harder (but non-maximal) efforts: an early ~11 minute upper tempo push into a headwind, followed by a harder ~8 minute upper threshold effort at over 25 MPH average speed. I also spent about 11 minutes in Zones 5 through 7, mostly on the hills and/or fighting the strong wind.

I felt very solid on yesterday’s solo ride, right up until the very end. The ride was pretty much over (like, a half mile to go), and suddenly I felt super weak. BONK! Well, that was good timing, I suppose.

When I got home I whipped up my usual recovery shake, and instantly felt better as I downed it. Man, that shake tastes so good!

A short time later I was ravenous again, and so I had my usual lunch of chicken and rice. A couple hours after lunch I was still feeling unusually weak, and so for Meal #4 I made a change from my usual protein/fat meal, and got some more carbs in me: a big bowl of oats (1 cup before cooking), which has 64g carbs. Those oats hit the spot!

For dinner I went carb-heavy once again, and prepared chicken and rice jambalaya (over 90g carbohydrates). When I finished my dinner I felt something I’ve not felt in almost two months: full!

I slept great last night, and my scale weight this morning was 162.6 pounds–nearly identical to yesterday’s weight (and my 2015 cut low) of 162.4 pounds.

While I always consume plenty of carbs while cutting (carbs comprise close to half of my caloric intake on most days), there are times when even more are required. It’s so important to listen to your body! If you are avoiding carbohydrates because you think they “make you fat”, then I urge you to read my article, “Trendy diets and the Big, Bad Carbohydrate”.

This morning I’m going to do a light recovery ride and see how I feel later today. If I am still feeling even remotely weak, I’ll up those carbs (and continue to lose fat!)

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