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All calories are not created equal; First progress photo of 2015.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 by  
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In yesterday’s blog (“Good rides over the weekend; Actually felt full after dinner last night!”) I wrote a bit about how I was feeling especially ravenous and depleted after this past weekend’s training rides. One of my mantras is “Listen to your body!”, and my body was telling me that I needed more carbohydrates!

I didn’t feel as if I needed a full-on refeed day, but I upped my carbohydrate intake on Sunday. I’m extremely active, and my normal carbohydrate intake while cutting is anywhere from about 43% to 50% of my daily calories, depending on that day’s activity level. On Sunday I increased my carb intake to 57% of the ~2,500 calories I consumed. That small change made a huge difference in how I was feeling!

Yesterday afternoon I was still feeling carb-starved, and so I made one small–but important–change to my diet: for Meal 4 instead of my usual 28/5/16 (P/C/F) meal (tuna and almonds), I consumed a big bowl (1 cup before cooking) of oats, which gave me 10/64/6 (P/C/F) for the meal.

Calorically the difference between my usual Meal 4 and yesterday’s carb-heavy substitute is very minor–just 60 calories–but what a HUGE difference that little tweak made! I not only felt more energetic and clear-headed, I felt satiated all the up until it was time for Meal #5.

This should go without saying, but “Listen to your body” isn’t carte blanche to eat whatever you want. I was craving pizza and movie theater popcorn yesterday–quite badly, in fact–but it wasn’t my body craving those things, it was my mind. It’s important to recognize the difference between what the body needs and what the mind wants, and to have the self-discipline to act in accordance with your goals.

Speaking of goals, I’m closing in on mine. Just a little over 6 pounds stand between me and my goal weight of 155.x pounds, and at this point I’m starting to cut up pretty nicely.

I thought it was time to kick of my 2015 photo gallery, and so yesterday I grabbed this leg shot:

Legs 2015. Calipers say 6.3% body fat, but probably somewhere between 7% and 8%. Even in February I've got a prominent Cyclist Tan. Probably because I live in Florida and ride my bike every single day.

Legs 2015. Calipers say 6.3% body fat, but probably somewhere between 7% and 8%. Even in February I’ve got a prominent Cyclist Tan. Probably because I live in Florida and ride my bike every single day.


Last Sunday’s body fat caliper measurement put me at 6.3% body fat, but I’m probably actually somewhere in the mid 7% range right now (calipers have a margin of error of +/- 3%). Muscle separation is becoming quite pronounced at this point, and my vascularity is coming in nicely in my legs and arms.

My goal weight this year will likely put me around 5% on the caliper, and probably somewhere in the low 6% range in reality. While aesthetics are not of any real interest to me (at least in the sense that they once were back in my bodybuilding years), I will definitely be about as shredded as I’ve ever been in my life once these last 6 pounds are gone. Again, I don’t really care about that; what I do care about is how fast I can get my ass up those mountains at Six Gap this year. 🙂

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6 Responses to “All calories are not created equal; First progress photo of 2015.”
  1. I’m not posting this to make you feel good, but having done 6 Gap four times now I can tell you I’ve got enough experience to predict how you will do. I’m not kidding when I say we won’t be riding 6 Gap together! You are, or at least will be, in a level above me for this ride. I believe you can, and will, begin the ride with the lead group. I predict you will hang with the lead pack until Hogpen at which point a small ultra-elite group will break away from the lead group. You will stay back with the main lead pack (no shame in that at all I might add)as you fight and grind out the rest of the way. You will stay with this group to the end, and end up with a time somewhere between 5:20-5:30. Last year a Cat 1 rider, Mark Fisher, finished first at 4:58!!! The best finisher in his 40’s had a time of 5:19. At your weight, power, and level of endurance I believe my prediction will be spot on. If Hector goes he should be able to hang with your group for quite a while, but unless he makes 6 Gap his ultimate goal this year he will probably lose contact with you on Hogpen maybe a little sooner, but still finishing with his usual awesome sub-6 hour time. I would also add that based on my limited knowledge of training it will be your commitment to interval training and not necessarily miles that will make the difference. Just some thoughts on what will be your most epic ride to date since you mentioned it in your blog!!! LOL

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    • I sincerely appreciate the kind words and enthusiastic support, Paul! I’m not being falsely modest here, but there are at least a couple of strikes against me that will definitely hurt me up in the mountains…

      Apart from one mountain bike race in Tennessee, I have zero experience riding in the mountains. In fact, on a road bike I do indeed have absolutely no experience in the mountains. As we all know, no matter what kind of training I do on the hills around here, nothing will simulate what it’s like to do real climbs up real mountains. This is doubly true considering how tough those mountains are at Six Gap.

      Descents will be a problem for me, too. I am going to have to play it safe on the descents because, again, no experience there. That’s going to slow me up quite a bit compared to those who have strong skills coming down the mountain.

      Hector is probably going to crush me. He’s not only a stronger cyclist than I am, he’s a better climber, has race experience and has experience in the mountains.

      Considering how strong you are and also how well you did last year, I would consider my first Six Gap a HUGE success if I were able to hang with you.

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  2. holly sh!t john!! your legs always looked great but they look better now than they did when all you did was squat and deadlift!!! i know your still lifting and all but your riding has somehow taken your legs to a new level bro!!! i guess i need a bike now lmfao!

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