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When will I end the cut?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 by  
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My scale weight has not moved so far this week. This is not a real concern, as fat loss is rarely linear. In fact, there have already been a couple weeks on this cut during which I lost no weight right up until a day or so before my weekly Sunday progress report.

So while I’m not about to cry “Plateau!” just yet, I do need to consider that possibility. With only about a week and half remaining in my cut, there’s not a great deal of time to make any maneuvers.

Because I’ll be returning to maintenance (along with a few cheat meals) while I’m on vacation, further cutting my calories right now would not be particularly wise. In fact, that option is pretty much off the table. I will, however, definitely consider increasing my activity level.

what's the planThe question I’m really mulling over right now is, “Should I continue my cut when I return from my vacation?” After the progress photos I recently posted (legs, abs), I’m sure some of you are questioning why I don’t just end my cut right now. Fair question.

I’m happy with my current weight and body fat level, but I would like to build a small cushion. My goal weight for this cut is 155.x pounds, and my plan is to maintain at 160.x or below. Finishing the cut a few pounds below my target maintenance weight would give me a little breathing room, even if it’s just mental.

There are a number of variables that will affect my decision. If I hit my goal weight of 155.x pounds before my vacation starts, then the cut is definitely over. If I don’t hit my goal weight but wind up below 158.4 pounds (which is the weight I was at when I finished last year’s cut), then I will probably call it a day. Anything above 158.4 will likely be unacceptable, and I’ll almost certainly cut for an additional week or two when I return from my vacation on March 23rd. Finally, if I put any weight on during my vacation that carries me north of 159 pounds (I am not going to allow this to happen if I hit my goal weight before the vacation starts), I’ll probably tack on a week or two of cutting when I return.

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