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I’ve been up since 2:25 AM. COFFEE!

Friday, February 27, 2015 by  
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Up until last night I’d not had any real difficulties getting a good night of sleep so far on this cut. I usually wake up a couple times per night to use the bathroom, but almost always fall right back asleep. This morning, though, I woke up shortly before 2:30 AM to urinate and just could not fall back asleep!

I remained in bed for about 45 minutes, tossing and turning. At about 3:15 AM I decided enough was enough, got up and put my Keurig K75 Platinum to work…

My trusty Keurig has been working pretty much non-stop this morning.

My trusty Keurig has been working pretty much non-stop this morning.


I’m going to digress for a few paragraphs.

Up until a couple weeks ago my go-to coffee was the strong, yet smooth and non-acidic Barista Prima French Roast (Lisa prefers the milder Barista Prima Colombia). These coffees were not only our favorites, they were a great deal on Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program (we were paying a little over $30 for 72 K-cups). Well, a few weeks ago the price on all of the Barista Prima coffees went through the roof! For example, the price shot up to $50.76 for the French Roast, which puts the Subscribe and Save price at $43.15 (0.60 per K-cup). That’s a massive increase, and so I decided to check out some other coffees.

We tried a few new coffees, and we felt the two best were San Francisco Bay French Roast ($45.30 for 120 on Subscribe and Save / 0.38 per K-cup) and Mad Monkey Swingin’ Bold ($16.99 for 48 on Subscribe and Save / 0.35 per K-cup). Of the two, we both prefer the Mad Monkey best, but I also like the San Francisco Bay quite a lot.

If you like strong coffees that are not bitter and acidic, you may want to give these a try. While my favorite K-cup is still Barista Prima French Roast, I drink too much coffee to pay what they are asking now.

Anyway, despite all the coffee (I just prepared my sixth cup), I am still feeling really tired. The reason I could not fall back asleep is two-fold: I’ve got a million things on my mind right now, and I was starving!

The hunger pangs and cravings are back full-force and, worse yet, I do appear to be stalled. With only one week left to go before my vacation, I don’t want to alter things too much. That said, a refeed day is probably in order. I’m not sure if I’m going to go that route, or just stick it out until the end of next week. Once I’m on vacation I’ll be eating at, and above, maintenance for a couple weeks, and that will really help. If I’m not below 158 pounds by the time my vacation starts, I’ll almost certainly cut for another couple weeks when I return from holiday.

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4 Responses to “I’ve been up since 2:25 AM. COFFEE!”
  1. I used to be a huge Keurig fan boy and ran through a lot of K-cups every week. Like you, I also found that was often difficult to find some reasonable deals on my favorites and don’t get me started on Amazon Subscribe & Save. If they aren’t raising prices on me, they are canceling my items because they no longer offer them on the program >:-(

    It bugged me how much plastic I was throwing into the landfill (can’t recycle the used K-cups) and reusable pods that use ground coffee were messy and time consuming to use. I finally landed on the best solution by brewing a cup at a time using my Saeco Talea Super Automatic machine. Like a Keurig, I put my cup under the spout, press a button and get a single cup of coffee. The machine grinds the beans fresh for each cup and I use whatever coffee beans I like (current favorite is Kirkland Columbian Supremo). Low cost per cup and no plastic pods to discard. The unit also has milk steaming for when we have friends/family over and someone wants a cappuccino or latte. You can find certified refurbished super automatic machines with warranty for less than $200 which isn’t much more than a decent Keurig machine.

    Hope you get a chance to catch some shuteye soon!

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    • Good stuff, Derwinator! I love my Keurig, but when it dies I would definitely look hard at something like what you’ve suggested. My wife and I are big coffee lovers, and a machine like that would make a lot of sense for us.

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