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2015 Cross-Florida training rides begin today.

The 270 kilometer / 167 mile Cross-Florida route.

Some of you may recall that last April I did the 33rd annual Cross-Florida (XFL) ride. At 270 kilometers (167 miles), it was truly an epic day in the saddle (the ride can be split over two day, if desired, but I did it as a single ride). You can check out my 2014 XFL ride reports here: Part I and Part II.

The 270 kilometer / 167 mile Cross-Florida route.

The 270 kilometer / 167 mile Cross-Florida route.


The ride itself was amazing and quite memorable, but I also very much enjoyed the training rides my club did in the weeks leading up to the event. Well folks, it’s that time of year again!

I need to mention that I have NOT yet decided if I’m doing the XFL again this year. I’m leaning towards going, but since I’ve already been there/done that, it’s not a super high priority. That said, I’m going to attend most, if not all, of the XFL training rides.

The first of those training rides is this morning, and the focus will be on hills. This morning’s ride is about 130 kilometers (81 miles), and I believe we’ll ascend somewhere north of 5,000 feet.

Unfortunately the weather report is not looking good. We’re going to have a strong headwind the entire second half of the ride, and the forecast is calling for pretty much non-stop rain today. At least it won’t be cold. 🙂

It’s about time for me to get rolling. I’ll be back tomorrow with this week’s cutting progress report, and it looks like the short stall has been broken!