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New progress photo; Final week of cut–the plan.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 by  
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With my 2015 cut almost behind me, I can almost taste the movie theater popcorn I’ll be enjoying while on my vacation!

I won’t be going completely insane while I’m on holiday, but I will definitely enjoy a few treats. My mom and her friend are coming from Texas to stay with us, and there’s no doubt that in addition to popcorn I’ll be digging in to some of my mom’s amazing cooking. We’ll probably also go out to eat at least once or twice (I’ve been craving fajitas and pizza). I’ve not had any alcohol in more than two months, so I’ll be enjoying a beer or two, as well.

I’m especially excited about enjoying a cold beer–specifically New Belgium’s “1554” black lager. I first tried 1554 at the Black Bear Rampage MTB race up in Tennessee, and I thought it was amazing. At the time New Belgium wasn’t even selling their delicious beers in Florida. Even after New Belgium graced our fair state with their brews, for some reason they were not selling 1554 here. Well, it looks like they’ve finally come to their senses. A few weeks ago my friend Hector found 1554 here in Florida!

Of course Hector, whose favorite pastime seems to be torturing me while I’m cutting (he sent me a ANOTHER video of him cracking open a fresh beer last night), shot this photograph over to me before the beer was even resting in his shopping cart:

Notice how the

Notice how the “1554” is pictured slightly apart from the other beers? That’s not a mistake, this black lager stands alone!


It was part of a sampler 12 pack, and it was in cans instead of bottles (which I prefer to cans), but at least I can finally enjoy 1554 here in the Sunshine State.

Anyway, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. My cut is nearly over, but I’ve still got a few more days to go.

My vascularity has become extremely pronounced as I’ve dropped into the mid single digit body fat range. My calipers indicated 4.9% body fat on Sunday, but that’s almost certainly low. I estimate I’m actually in the mid 6% range right now:

March 2, 2015. Final week of 2015 cut, mid-6% BF range. Vascularity is really popping now.

March 2, 2015. Final week of 2015 cut, mid-6% BF range. Vascularity is really popping now.


So the plan for this week is to keep my diet tight and strict, but I’ll be going pretty easy on the bike. I’ve been dieting for more than two months straight now, and training hard. It’s been tough, and I’m feeling it. I think a lighter training week at this point is smart. I will be doing a century ride on Saturday, but it’s a WMBC ride so it won’t be fast or difficult. Just some good base miles to close out my cut.

On Sunday morning I’ll take my final measurements, and then I’ll start my vacation!

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5 Responses to “New progress photo; Final week of cut–the plan.”
  1. Great work John – Enjoy those beers, you’ve earned them!

    For myself, I’m trying to train for an upcoming 85 mile ride at the end of March (http://www.lbj100.bike) and the weather here in central TX just isn’t cooperating! I can deal with the cold temps but it’s also been raining for most of the week. Indoor training just doesn’t cut if…

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      • If I could train indoors like you can, I totally agree- but I’m not there yet with the equipment investment needed. Currently I’m using the spinning bikes at my gym. They are nice Livestrong trainers but it just isn’t the same as going up and down the hills, feeling the wind in my face, working on the shorts tan lines, etc. Planning to make an indoor trainer investment for next fall/winter as I don’t have too many days to wait for warm weather to arrive.

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  2. It’s somewhat ironic that I’ve been following your site for about 10 years now, always striving for your “bulked” look to varying degrees of success and now you prefer a physique that is essentially where I started all those years ago and my body still wants to be naturally. I sincerely wish I could be content with the thinner size as it would save me a lot of work and expense, not to mention mental anguish. I’d be interested to hear how you got to where you are now – is it purely a practical choice for cycling, did you just grow out of the bigger aesthetic, or what? In any case, congrats on your many successful transformations and thanks for being a great resource all these years.

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    • I definitely changed my body over the past few years specifically to better suit my athletic goals. At first it was really hard for me to see my muscles get smaller, and my weight going down. For awhile there I didn’t even like to post pictures of myself because I wasn’t as big as I once was. Over time, though, I not only became comfortable with my smaller size, I embraced it. In fact, I feel much better at my current size and weight than I ever did as a “big” guy.

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