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Inversion board for lower back pain.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 by  
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Some of you may recall that back when I was doing very heavy squatting and deadlifting I suffered from lower back pain. This pain was usually a dull ache that never really went away, but occasionally something would “pop” while I was lifting and I’d be totally out of commission for anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

The nearly constant lower back ache was super annoying, but I learned to live with it. The acute pain that would sometimes strike while lifting was not only some of the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life (it would literally bring me to me knees when it hit), the idea that it could take me out without warning really began to mess with my head while I was squatting and doing heavy pulls.

Of course I saw several doctors over the years about the pain, and always received the standard, “Gee, I have no idea what to do!” care: rest, ice/heat and anti-inflammatory medications.

After I became a hardcore cyclist and moved away from body building/heavy weight training, I never experienced the acute pain again (at least not yet–it’s been years now). The lower back ache persisted for a time, but eventually even that all but went away.

At some point when I was going through all of this lower back pain, Lisa bought me a Body Champ inversion board. I used it for a bit, and it definitely provided some relief. Once my back pain went away, though, it was relegated to a spare upstairs closet where it remained for years…

A few days ago I was cleaning, and I came across the inversion board. I thought, “I should either sell this, or set it up in my gym.”

Sometimes when I’m doing a lot of yard work and/or projects that involve a significant amount of lifting, that dull lower back ache returns. I had plenty of space to set the inversion board up, so I figured I might as well keep it for now.

Over the weekend I did a bunch of spring projects, and that familiar aching returned to my lower back. It wasn’t horrible, but it was enough that I noticed it. I started hanging on the board, and it really helped!

Hanging around in my underwear. This is not quite how I did it back before 2003. :)

Hanging around in my underwear. This is not quite how I did it back before 2003. šŸ™‚

Sonny had no idea what was going on. He started barking at me, and then came in for a closer look...

Sonny had no idea what was going on. He started barking at me, and then came in for a closer look…


So do any of you use an inversion board to help treat lower back pain? Have you found that it helps? If you are suffering from lower back pain, you may want to give inversion board therapy a try. I’m definitely a believer.

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2 Responses to “Inversion board for lower back pain.”
  1. Good to know it works for you. I’ve had a (more or less) chronic back pain since I started doing gymnastics a couple of years ago (at the age of 38), and was thinking of getting one. One of the docs recommended it, but after researching it online I found a reasonably respectable source quoting specific studies that found it’s not really helpful. (Can’t find that article for the life of me). Maybe it’s worth giving it a try though. I am thinking of getting gravity boots instead though since I don’t have too much space to fit that in my workout room (plus I should be able to do some upside down crunches with them, which could be an extra benefit).

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  2. I also have lower back pain and pretty much wake up every morning with stiff lower back. It lasts about an hour and then doesn’t bother me for the rest of the day. I went to a chiropractor who ordered an X-ray. He pointed to a white spot on the film and told me that was a piece of my L5 that had been fractured at some point in my life and diagnosed me with grade 1 Spondylolisthesis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spondylolisthesis), some curvature and disc compression. He then tried traction therapy but I felt worse each time so I quit doing this. The only thing that has helped is dropping 25 lbs (closing in on 30 now) from working out and bike riding. Core strength training exercises with a swiss ball have also helped a lot.

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