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Between cut and maintenance; Excellent training ride yesterday!

Sunday, March 29, 2015 by  
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This is the first time I’ve written a free-form blog on Sunday in many years. As most of you know, every Sunday I take stock of my progress along whatever path I happen to be on at that time (usually cutting or maintenance). Right now I’m sort of between stages…

In my March 27, 2015 blog, I announced that I’ve decided to maintain at around 165 pounds instead of my initial target of 160 pounds. If you want to learn my reasons for this choice, check out Friday’s blog.

So right now I’m in a transitional stage between the end of my cut and my target maintenance weight.

The retrospective humor of the last few weeks of my cut is not lost on me. Those last couple weeks in particular were tough and, as it turns out, all that was for nothing. 🙂 Actually that’s not true at all: the self-discipline and dedication required to diet down to that far is good for the soul. Doing things that take us out of our comfort zones is how we grow, so I don’t regret those final few weeks of my cut at all. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, and I’m mentally stronger for seeing it though.

I know I’m making the right choice by revising my maintenance weight. Yesterday’s ride reaffirmed that in a big way: I did a tough 122 kilometer/76 mile training ride with my friend Paul, and I felt very solid the entire time. My legs felt a little wobbly when we first rolled out (probably still a little tired from the 100 mile ride I did on the indoor trainer a couple days prior), but once I warmed up I felt great. I only consumed a single gel packet as intra-ride nutrition, and that was all I needed.

Suffering on a stunning morning. I grabbed this shot of Paul as we rode along in beautiful Lake County.

Suffering on a stunning morning. I grabbed this shot of Paul as we rode along in beautiful Lake County.


The route included a little over 2,000 feet of elevation, but the real story was the wind. Paul and I were dealing with strong headwinds and crosswinds nearly the entire ride. We also had some average speed-killing slowdowns as we made our way through a couple of the towns (one of which was holding a festival, so that section was agonizingly slow). Despite the wind and slow grinds through the towns, the two of us managed an overall ride average of 21 MPH. Without the crawls through those towns our ride average would have been well over 22 MPH. Not bad for a couple of guys at war with the wind. Solid teamwork with a strong friend, an excellent route and stunning weather made for a very memorable morning in the saddle. Great ride, Paul!

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One Response to “Between cut and maintenance; Excellent training ride yesterday!”
  1. I concur on your assessment of where you want to maintain your weight. It was subtle, but I could definitely tell you got stronger as the ride went on yesterday, which wasn’t exactly good for me!!! LOL. In fact, I can personally attest that even in the mountains being at a higher weight, but maintaining power is just as good if not better than being at rock bottom weight. My best 6 Gap performance was when I weighed 15 pounds more than my second best effort. I could definitely feel the effects of lost power at the lower weight. As talked about on here so often it is such a fine line between losing weight and maintaining power and finding that perfect balance. Anyway, great ride yesterday and can’t wait to get more in as this beautiful Florida weather continues to kick in.

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