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Going crazy…

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 by  
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Nuclear ExplosionWhen it rains it really pours. It’s been one thing after another this week, all computer and network-related.

I worked right up until dinner last night, and then went back to work until bedtime. I hit the pillow tired, but satisfied because I’d solved the problems I’d been working on. This morning I woke up to more problems, completely unrelated to the other stuff.

It’s so strange how months can go by without anything major happening, and then in the space of a few days a half-dozen things go sideways.

Anyway, I’ve already spent too long typing this. Signing off, and back to work. Hopefully things will settle down soon, because I can’t take much more! 😐

Oh, and if you’re wondering: no matter what, I will ride today. My bike is the only thing keeping me sane this week!

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One Response to “Going crazy…”
  1. I feel for ya – the phenomenon that you’ve described happens to just about everyone in most every job. You can go for weeks with barely a blip on the radar, smooth sailing and then everything hits the fan at once. Perhaps chaos theory can be applied? Hang in there!!! 😀

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