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Work calming down; Bad mood put to good use.

Thursday, April 2, 2015 by  
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The past week or so has been, to put it mildly, very stressful. It’s been one computer/network problem after another, and I was starting to think things were never going to ease up.

Of course things finally did settle down, but the fallout from all the issues was actually as bad–if not worse–than the actual problems I had to solve.

So, by yesterday I was feeling as if I might come unglued. Thankfully there was just enough time in my schedule to get away for a 2 hour morning ride, and it’s a good thing because I really needed it.

In the About me section of this site, I wrote:

“Anger is often perceived as a negative emotion, but I don’t think that is always the case. A healthy dose of properly channeled anger can actually provide an incredible amount of motivation.”

Folks, with the above quote in mind, let me tell you something: when I set off on my ride I was motivated. 🙂

The ride did not start well. Shortly after setting off, my usually rock-solid Garmin 810 froze up. Apparently all things electronic hate me this week. All I could do was laugh and shake my head, but that laugh probably looked a little maniacal to anyone who may have seen it.

Anyway, still peddling, I rebooted the Garmin and told it to continue the ride. It obliged, but there was no speed readout. Sigh.

After a couple minutes I pulled off the road, and figured out why there was no speed display: the magnet on my rear wheel had somehow come off. Of course.

I knew once the Garmin re-established GPS lock it would provide a speed readout based on GPS. I waited for GPS lock, was slightly surprised when I got it, and even more surprised when my Garmin didn’t explode into a million pieces.

I resumed my ride, and about a mile down the road I saw a large dog loose in the street. As expected, the dog decided that I looked like fun and gave chase:

Dog 1.

Dog 1.


I really didn’t enjoy sprinting before I was even warmed up, but it’s not like I had much choice. After I outran Dog 1, I tried to put all the negativity I was feeling out of my head. That’s when I saw Dog 2, who was even faster than the first:

Dog 2.

Dog 2.


Less than a mile after my race with Dog 2, my MP3 player died. That was the last straw. I screamed, “MOTHERFATHER!” (not the exact word I used), and thought about just turning around and going back home.

Instead I pulled my earbuds out, and as I continued my warm-up I decided I was about to take this entire shitty week out on my pedals…

I wound up having a great ride. I used the first half of the ride to get warmed up and focused, and I unleashed all my pent up anger and frustration on the second half of the ride. My average speed during the second half of the ride (starting mile 21) was 38.14 km/h (23.7 mi/h). My average speed on a 15 km (9.2 mile) TT section that I hit pretty hard was 40.4 km/h (25.1 mi/h), and I managed to average 43.45 km/h (27.0 mi/h) on a 7.5 km (4.6 mile) section.

Here is a screen capture of the TT section. It was beautiful, but I was so focused at this point I can’t say I noticed much of the landscape:

Along the TT section of yesterday's ride.

Along the TT section of yesterday’s ride.


I didn’t set any new power PRs yesterday, but I was within spitting distance a couple of times. I sure felt like I should have set a power PR or two. I didn’t zero out my power meter before I rode, and I wonder if it was a little off? Anyway, no matter. I did set six new PRs for time on various Strava segments, so that was cool. You can check out the entire ride with all data here if you like.

That ride did me a lot of good. I felt calm, focused and fairly relaxed for the rest of the work day.

Thankfully this morning I did not wake up to any major issues! I wound up working all last weekend, so I sure could use a couple relatively quiet days. Fingers crossed.

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One Response to “Work calming down; Bad mood put to good use.”
  1. Great way to turn negative energy into a positive benefit! But, what was it about yesterday that seems to have made the universe want to prank us cyclists? 😉

    I managed to get away on a ride and ran through my usual pre-ride prep but somehow I misplaced my cycle glasses forcing me to ride with a cheap pair of regular sunglasses I found in my glove box. I got partway into the ride and noticed my taillight was missing which has never happened before. Fearing it fell off at the start I turned back and yep, there it was sitting next to my car. Weird. And finally, just for fun the wind picked up significantly just in time for my return ride and I had to face down some 15 mph headwinds with 20 mph gusts. Worst day of riding beats the best day of work, right?

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