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BTC v2.0 feedback; JSF Forums – a few more thoughts.

Saturday, April 18, 2015 by  
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I was in bed by 9:00 last night, but for some reason I slept until almost 6:00 this morning. That almost never happens. Normally I’m on my second cup of coffee by 4:45 AM. I guess I needed the extra sleep, but rising so late has put me a little behind this morning.

I want to thank everyone for the great feedback on v2.0 of my Bike Torture Chamber! When I revised my BTC I was inspired by some of the concepts I saw in the Zwift Riders group on Facebook, and I also had quite a few of my own ideas. I know those of you who are planning to create a BTC will take what I’ve done in new and exciting directions. I can’t wait to see what my fellow Zwift riders come up with!

forumYesterday I dropped a bombshell with regards to the JSF Forums. In that blog I said “possibly coming”, but the reality is that it’s all but certain to happen. There are a number of reasons why the existing forums need to be replaced, and those reasons range from technical to SEO.

I know some of you hate the idea that the familiar and comfortable forums you’ve been using for more than 12 years will be undergoing a drastic change. I get that, but I promise you that I’ll do everything in my power to not only make the change as smooth as possible, but to also make the forums better than ever.

It’s no secret that the online community landscape has changed drastically since the JSF Forms were launched in early 2004. Social media has been the driving force behind most of those changes. Smaller forums are pretty much abandoned and/or dead, and larger forums like JSF have seen a drastic decrease in activity. It seems that only the behemoths (those forums with millions of posts and hundred of thousands of members) have come through (mostly) unscathed.

Perhaps with native mobile access, better integration with social media and more modern features the JSF Forms can thrive once again. Perhaps not. While I’ll do what I can to make our home a little more cozy, yet modern and functional, I’m not going to try and force things. If you think about it, JSF has never really worked that way, and I think that’s part of what people like about it.

Long ride in store this morning, and I need it. I’m riding with my buddy Hector, and we always push each other very hard on the bike. This should be a toughie… 🙂

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