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Taking this week off from blogging; New JSF Forum work continues.

Monday, April 20, 2015 by  
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I apologize for the short notice, but I’ve decided that I need to take this week off from blogging so that I may focus my time and energy on other tasks.

Even though I won’t be writing daily blogs this week, when I’m not involved with my day job I’ll be working behind the scenes to get the all-new JSF Forums ready to launch (see Possible new JSF Forum software coming… and BTC v2.0 feedback; JSF Forums – a few more thoughts).

With more than 30,000 members, nearly a million posts and a massive amount of other data to convert, the transition to an all-new forum is not an easy one.

HatterSome of you may recall that a few years back that JSF member “Hatter” (Tim) kindly volunteered his time and expertise when I was designing the new JSF web site. Tim is an absolute master of all things database. It’s no exaggeration to say that I couldn’t have done it without Tim’s help.

Well, before the digital ink was dry on my Possible new JSF Forum software coming… blog, there was an email sitting in my inbox from Tim, volunteering to help with the forum project.

As I looked at some of the conversion issues, it became abundantly clear to me that some of the problems were well outside of my skillset. I’m tenacious, and I would have persevered, but in a matter of hours Tim solved problems that would have taken me weeks to get my head around (if ever).

Thank you, Tim. JSF would not be the same without you.

Over the next week there may be times that I’ll need to close down the forums (and possibly all the JSF sites) for maintenance and testing. I’ll make announcements here, on the forums, Facebook and Twitter.

I can’t predict when the actual launch of the forums will happen, but when the testing is done and we do the actual conversion I will probably need to shut the forums down for a few days. I’ll give everyone as much notice as possible.

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