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Picking up where we left off: Forum update; Diet and Training.

Monday, April 27, 2015 by  
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Hello faithful JSF readers! Thanks for allowing me last week to focus on the new forum software. I was able to get a lot of work done on the new forums, and I know Tim has been working hard on his side of the things (mainly some 99th level database wizardry).

So we’ve made some excellent progress over the past week, but we’re still not out of the woods yet. There are still some pretty difficult conversion problems to solve, but I believe we’ll get there. While we certainly could go ahead with the conversion as things sit right now, it would break some stuff. I don’t expect everything to be perfect (that would be impossible), but I would prefer to make the transition as smooth as possible. The goal, of course, is to help revitalize the forums, not drive people away. My part in that is to make the transition to the new software as easy as possible for the existing members. I’ll keep everyone posted as we get closer to the actual launch date. There will be downtime involved, perhaps as much as a few days.

Although I took last week off from blogging, it was anything but a vacation. Still, I thought about doing a post-vacation “Good, Bad and the Ugly” report, but I’ll skip it. Instead I’ll just talk a little about how my diet and training have been over the past week…

DIET: My diet sucked last week. I ate very healthy most of the time during the days, and I had a couple reasonably healthy dinners (grilled chicken with roasted root vegetables, salmon, etc.), but I also had stuff like pizza, burgers, incredible fresh home-baked bread (thanks Megan and Hector!), movie theater popcorn and some excellent beer (Left Hand’s Milk Stout is so good it makes me want to cry). My weight has crept up a few pounds, and I’m now sitting at 168.6 pounds. Yikes. I’m going to tighten things up over the next few weeks by going super strict during the week (100% clean foods, no alcohol), and then relaxing my diet a bit on the weekends. I need to get back down to 164 pounds and maintain there. I want to do it slowly, though. I need to maintain my power on the bike. Which brings me to…

TRAINING: Training has gone very well over the past week. One of the nice things about pizza, bread and beer is they compel me to ride hard the day after I eat them. 🙂 My total distance last week was a little on the low side at 221 miles (356 kilometers), but apart from a couple recovery rides they were all very productive training miles. I set 21 personal records for time last week, and my average speed across all rides (including the two recovery rides) was 21.3 mi/h (34.28 km/h). My average speed without the two recoveries in there was over 22 mi/h (35.41 km/h), and on one solo training ride I averaged just shy of 24 mi/h (38.62 km/h). I’m feeling good.

On Thursday I did a short, but fairly fast-paced (21.7 mi/h average) solo training ride. Before I left, I checked the forecast. ZERO percent chance of rain. This is what it looked like an hour into my ride:

This is what zero percent chance of rain looks like, I guess.

This is what zero percent chance of rain looks like, I guess.


Zero percent chance of rain my ass. During the entire second half that ride the rain came down in sheets. During that time I had to ride on some very sketchy roads (fast, no shoulder, highly trafficked and poor road surface in many spots). I seriously thought I was going to die. I probably should have pulled off, but I didn’t see any break in the storm and I just wanted to get home. Thankfully I did make it home safe, and was so relieved to do so that I didn’t even mind the extensive post-rain ride bike maintenance that I had to do.

So yesterday the plan was to head south and do about 75 miles in the hills with my buddy Hector. Well, the forecast was calling for a 100% chance of rain. We did not want to get caught out in thunderstorms far from home, so we decided to do a shorter ~43 mile route and keep it fairly local.

I love riding with Hector. He’s super strong, and we always push each other. We’re both a tad bit competitive, and that makes for some super fast and fun riding. We hit some intervals fairly hard and, while no power PRs were set, we were approaching that neighborhood a few times. It was a great ride and an excellent workout! Even though we were not able to get over to Clermont for the hill workout we’d planned, we still got about 1,500 feet of elevation in yesterday. You can check out the complete ride on Strava here.

Oh, the “100% chance of rain”? Yeah, not one drop. The skies were a little bruised, but it did not rain. Here’s a great shot of me and Hector (pictured) tearing up the Little Pyrenees:

Hector pointing out a hazard as we ripped through the Little Pyrenees.

Hector pointing out a hazard as we ripped through the Little Pyrenees.


Okay, I need to get to work. I’ll keep you all posted on the JSF Forums software revamp, and I may have some other exciting news to share later this week. 😀

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