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Sonny made me run, and I hated it; Beautiful sunset.

Thursday, April 30, 2015 by  
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I don’t have anything in mind for a focused blog morning, so whatever I manage to spew out below will likely be a mishmash of random thoughts.

Actually, I’ve got a story…

On Monday afternoon I had a meeting here at my house with a potential JSF sponsor (cycling-related, stay tuned). After the meeting I walked outside with the gentleman, and we stood by his car chatting for a few minutes.

While we were talking, Sonny–my insane but loveable black mouth cur/pit mix–was going absolutely apeshit inside the house. He doesn’t take kindly to being left out of curbside meeting wrap-ups.

Anyway, I failed to notice that at some point Sonny had stopped barking and eating the window blinds. Usually this only happens if I come back inside, or he’s dead. So I’m blathering on about whatever, and suddenly the guy points and says, “Hey, your dog is out!”

My first thought was “no way”, but sure enough I turned around just in time to see Sonny go blazing by me with a determined look in his eye.

I know for a fact I shut and latched the door, but Sonny must have reared up and landed with his big, heavy paws on the door lever, dumbassing his way to freedom.

I yelled, “Sonny! NO! STOP!” Of course he instantly obeyed by increasing his speed. At that point I saw his target: there was a woman down the street walking her small dog.

While I knew Sonny just wanted to make a new friend and play, there’s no way this woman could know that. All she knew was this was barreling down the street directly towards her and her rat-dog:

Stay. Good boy.

Stay. Good boy.


Those of you who have been reading my blog for any length of time know that running ranks somewhere between third degree burns and disembowelment on my pleasure scale. Because I didn’t have my bike with me (note to self: always have a bike with me) and my insane pooch was rapidly closing in on the hapless lady and her mini-dog (both now panic-running towards their house), I had little choice: I sighed, and began the chase in my sock feet, futilely pleading for Sonny to stop.

There was no way I was catching that damn dog. He’s just too fast. Thankfully the lady and her cat-dog made it inside their home before Sonny was able to catch them and give them both slobbery kisses. Looking dejected, Sonny was slowly walking away from the lady’s porch when I finally caught up to him. I grabbed his collar and walked him back home.

So yesterday I noticed some serious pain in my tibialis anterior muscles, and some pain in my bad knee (old injury). I’d all but forgotten about Sonny’s little adventure on Monday, and at first I could not figure out what could have caused the soreness and pain. Eventually the few brain cells I have remaining fired up, and I realized that the little run I’d done on Monday was behind the shin splints and knee pain. My god I hate running.

I guess that’s my blog for today. I’ll leave you with an incredible sunset that I photographed last night. I love the way the light illuminated the wildflowers in the field (click to enlarge):

Sunset at my home, April 29, 2015.

Sunset at my home, April 29, 2015.


Have a fantastic day! 🙂

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3 Responses to “Sonny made me run, and I hated it; Beautiful sunset.”
  1. Great story–I loved the “dumbassing his way to freedom” line. 🙂

    Beautiful sunset, too. Did you need any special camera settings to bring out the color like that, or was that just the way the sunset looked on its own?

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    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

      I shoot in RAW using my DSLR, full manual. I shot the sunset photo 1/60 sec @ f/5.6, ISO 500, 95mm. It was a little overexposed out of the camera, but that’s easy to correct in post. I do my post-processing in Adobe Lightroom, which is an awesome program.

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