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Body weight seems stable; Ramping up my training. Ramping up my training. Here's cycling distance by week so far in 2015. The darker red = more miles. To provide a sense of scale, I rode just shy of 300 miles last week (far right column).

I feel like my body has, more or less, stabilized now that I’ve returned to maintenance level calories. Most mornings I weigh in at about 163 pounds, a couple pounds more the morning after a splurge meal, a couple pounds less right after a long, sweaty bike ride. I don’t know what my current body fat percentage is, as I’ve not taken any measurements (apart from scale weight) since my cut ended nearly a month… [Read more]

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Work calming down; Bad mood put to good use. Along the TT section of yesterday's ride.

The past week or so has been, to put it mildly, very stressful. It’s been one computer/network problem after another, and I was starting to think things were never going to ease up. Of course things finally did settle down, but the fallout from all the issues was actually as bad–if not worse–than the actual problems I had to solve. So, by yesterday I was feeling as if I might come unglued. Thankfully there was… [Read more]

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My cycling month in review: March 2015 I know i just posted this photo a few days ago, but it was my favorite of the month. This shot of my friend Paul Bruining was taken while we were doing a tough 122 kilometer/76 mile training ride.

My cycling month in review: March 2015

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