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Injury update (with pictures)

Friday, May 8, 2015 by  
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A few of you have inquired about how the minor injuries I sustained on Sunday (see Hit by a truck on yesterday’s solo metric century) are doing. Thanks for asking, I’m doing well!

The biggest issue was that both of my knees were feeling fairly achy in the days following the accident. I think what happened is that my handlebars impacted my right knee, and my left knee hit the pavement when I went down. I was surprised by how quickly the knee pain began to fade. A couple days after the accident the pain was reduced to merely “slightly annoying”.

I did a fairly hard 46 mile solo training ride on Wednesday (22.1 MPH average // 232 NP, here’s that ride on Strava), and towards the end my knees were definitely aching.

Yesterday a did a shorter 21 mile ride, but at a higher intensity (23 MPH average // 248 watts NP). No knee pain at all.

I’m planning to do a long and hilly group ride this weekend, so that will be a very good test of my knees. I expect there will be some pain deep in the ride, but I doubt it will be anything more than superficial.

On the external side, the road rash is healing up pretty well. I popped the giant blister on my hand on Sunday night, and that was the right thing to do. The pain and pressure was instantly reduced, and never returned. It’s all but healed up now.

Here is the blister on Sunday right after I got home from the ride, followed by a picture I took this morning:

Blister right after Sunday's accident.

Blister right after Sunday’s accident.

5 days after the accident, blister is almost healed.

5 days after the accident, blister is almost healed.


The worst of the road rash is the side of my upper left leg. The injury certainly stung a little bit, but it wasn’t so bad–at least not for the first few days. Over the past day or two the pain has actually gotten worse. It’s not infected or anything, but there is some pretty deep bruising under the road rash. I also think there’s some scabbing starting to form, which makes movement sort of tug on the scab, and that doesn’t feel great.

Here is the road rash on Sunday right after I got home from the ride, followed by a picture I took this morning:

Road rash right after Sunday's accident.

Road rash right after Sunday’s accident.

5 days after the accident.

5 days after the accident.


The most annoying part of the road rash is that I’m a side sleeper: when I turn over onto my left side in my sleep, it almost always wakes me up. It’s been like this for the past couple of nights, so I’m definitely feeling a little groggy at this point.

None of this is any big deal, and it’s not really affecting my training or anything else. Whew.

On that note, I find it ironic that of the three or four times I’ve hit the deck hard, the least injurious of them (both to me, and my bike) was the wreck in which I tangled with a truck. Double whew.

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