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Sticking with Zipp; 2014+ Zipp decal removal and installation

Thursday, May 14, 2015 by  
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The sponsorship deal I mentioned a couple of times over the past week or two didn’t materialize. The company JSF was considering partnering with is a very good one, and on a personal note I like the owner a great deal, but we just couldn’t nail down a mutually acceptable agreement at this time. We are still on excellent terms, and will definitely be looking at other potential opportunities to partner up at some point in the future.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to keep my Zipps. I’ve got a brand new rear 2015 404 Firecrest full carbon clincher (with the improved V9 hub) that Zipp sent me as a warranty replacement (see “Zipp comes through in a big way”), and my front Zipp 404 is in perfect condition. I even replaced the bearings in the front hub less than a month ago.

The 2014+ Zipp wheels use a new die-cut decal, and the design is different than the decals on my front Zipp. Zipp was kind enough to include replacement decals for my front wheel so it would match my new rear wheel. How cool is that?!

It’s a bit of a chore to replace the decals, but it’s not particularly difficult. I use a little masking tape to indicate where each old sticker is located (helps get the new stickers aligned correctly), I then heat the old stickers up with a hair dryer and peel them off. Before applying the new stickers it’s important to thoroughly clean the wheel surface with alcohol or acetone.

The new die cut decals have a rear backing, and also a clear front protective film. To apply, you have to peel off the rear backing, then press the decals into place working from the inside out to ensure no bubbles. A squeegee applicator helps here. Once that is done, the protective film must be carefully removed, leaving the awesome die cut decal behind.

The old style decal has a white outline, while the new decals do not. The old decals also read “Speed Weaponry”, while the new decals do not. I love the look of the new stealthy all-black decals. Here you can see the new wheel in the stand, and the front wheel I’m working on. The slight discoloration you see around the new decal will not show once I’m done with the wheel and put a nice coat of Armor All on it.

Click image to enlarge. The photo does not do the wheels justice, they look amazing in real life!

zipp decal install_IMG_4178-Edit

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3 Responses to “Sticking with Zipp; 2014+ Zipp decal removal and installation”
  1. Very nice! I see that you’re rocking the Continental Gatorskin tires with these wheels – love mine. I’m also seeing this tire showing up on many of my group rides. It only takes a few flats to recognize that it’s more fun to be rolling than to be wasting time repairing a flat.

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