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Dialing back the distance and intensity this weekend…

Saturday, May 16, 2015 by  
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coldI’ve been feeling like crap pretty much all week long. Whatever it is, at least it’s not debilitating. About the only thing it’s really affecting is my training.

On yesterday’s ride I decided to see how I felt doing a fairly hard ~9 minute effort, and my lungs felt as if they were on fire. In addition, my heart rate was about 20 BPM higher than it should have been for the level of effort I was sustaining. Ugh.

The heat didn’t help matters. It was just a 1 hour ride and I finished down 3 pounds.

For today’s ride I’m riding with my friend Paul, and we’re starting early–like before 7:00 AM. I want nothing to do with the heat today. I really want to go long and get some much needed miles (rides this week have only been around 20 miles each), but I think that would be a mistake. So I’ll settle for about 50 miles, and I’m going to keep the effort level moderate. I need to give my body a chance to fight this damn thing off.

This is one of those colds that has not affected my appetite negatively. In fact, I’ve been extra hungry this week. I figure my body needs fuel right now, so I’ve been listening and eating above maintenance. Clean, but over maintenance.

Hopefully by Monday I’ll be feeling better and can get back to hard training. I hate feeling less than 100%!

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