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Definitely feeling better, excellent weekend of riding.

Monday, May 18, 2015 by  
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I think I’m mostly over that cold or whatever it was that plagued me pretty much all last week. Unfortunately Lisa, who was out of town visiting a friend for three days, became ill the first night of her return. She was up all night throwing up, and spent most of yesterday in bed sleeping.

I’m not sure if she’s dealing with the same thing I was or not. My stomach was definitely off the first day (and fine after that), but I never tossed my cookies. Maybe she ate some bad food while she was gone? She said they ate out like three times. This morning she seems to be feeling fine, and is going to work. I’m thinking it was food poisoning.

I got some good rides in this weekend! On Saturday I was feeling better, but still a little weak and far from 100%. My friend Paul and I did a 50 mile (81 kilometer) ride together (about 1,600 feet of elevation), and we started nice and early while it was still cool. Check out the beautiful sunrise we were treated to as we rode:

A relatively cool and beautiful start to Saturday's ride

A relatively cool and beautiful start to Saturday’s ride


Paul and I kept the effort level fairly consistent, and stuck to a moderate pace. It wasn’t a recovery ride, but it wasn’t even close to our usual hammerfests. Our average speed was 20.8 mi/h (33.47 km/h), and my weighted average power was 215 watts for 2.5 hours. We both finished the ride feeling relaxed and refreshed. Super fun ride, and just what I needed.

For Sunday’s ride I thought about joining my friend Hector on the Windermere Roadies ride, which is very fast and hilly. It’s a notoriously tough ride, with some of the strongest cyclists in the area taking part. Since I’m still getting over being sick, I was concerned that I might blow apart and–worse–relapse just as I was starting to feel better. The hills sounded good, though, so I decided to take a rain check on the Roadies ride and head over to hilly Clermont for a solo metric century. I figured riding solo was the right play, as I could push it a little and back it down if necessary.

So around 7:00 AM yesterday I started pedaling towards Clermont…

I was feeling pretty good as I warmed up, and when I got to Clermont and the terrain turned hilly I continued to feel decent. I didn’t want to do any super hard intervals, I just wanted to see how I handled a steady and solid effort.

Okay, time for a funny story!

As I turned off of 561A onto Scrub Jay Lane, I saw a carrot–er, I mean a rider–a fair distance up ahead of me. 😉 As we hit the rolling hills on Scrub Jay, I wasn’t closing the gap. I thought, “Whoever that is, I probably know him!”

I decided I had to find out who it was and, since I wasn’t able to close the gap on the climbs, on one of the downhills I put some extra power into the pedals, finally reeling in the mystery rider. I started laughing when I saw who it was: Hector, on his way to the Windermere Roadie ride. 🙂

Hector asked me when I left and what route I took to get to Clermont. Turns out he saw me up ahead almost from the very beginning of our rides (he didn’t know it was me). Once we got to Clermont we took different routes (I went east at Four Corners to hit Stair Steppers and over to Ferndale, while Hector continued south on 561), only to wind up crossing paths again on Scrub Jay. Pretty funny.

Thanks to Strava’s cool Flyby feature, you can see how it played out in realtime. Hector’s icon is in Sky Blue, and mine is in Red. You can hit the “play” button to watch, and you can also speed up, slow down, zoom and pan. Here’s the ride on Flyby.

I wish we’d planned that a little better, it would have been nice to have some company on the ride over to Clermont!

Oh, and while I’m talking about Hector, I want to give him a shoutout. Hector is now a Cat 3 racer! Awesome accomplishment, dude–way to go!

Hector and I parted company at the end of Scrub Jay. I headed west because I wanted to hit Wilson Lake Parkway, which is a really cool road for cyclists: low traffic, rolling hills and wide lanes.

When I got to Wilson Lake there was a race of some sort going on! The roads were not closed, of course, but there were officials at each end of the road, and what looked like a finish line as I rode north. I’m 99% sure it was a triathlon, as almost everyone was on high end TT bikes (wasn’t a TT, as there was lots of drafting going on). Assuming I was part of the race, the officials tried to direct me at the turn around point. As it became clear that I was not going to turn around, the officials began to wave more frantically. I called out, “I’m not racing!” Strange looks ensued.

On the return trip I had a wicked crosswind for most of the way, and the rest of the time it was a headwind. I was expecting a tailwind, so that really sucked. At least I didn’t get caught in the rain, and it sure looked like I was going to:

Amazing clouds while riding back from Clermont on yesterday's solo metric century. Somehow I avoided the rain.

Amazing clouds while riding back from Clermont on yesterday’s solo metric century. Somehow I avoided the rain.


By the time I finished the ride I was pretty beat, but feeling good. 62.5 solo miles (100 kilometers), 2,313 feet elevation, 20.8 mi/h (33.47 km.h) average speed, 232 weighted average power for 3 hours. Good solid ride, especially coming off a week of being sick.

I’d better zip this up and get my ride in before work. Recovery ride this morning.

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5 Responses to “Definitely feeling better, excellent weekend of riding.”
  1. Sounds like Sunday’s ride for you was a bit of an adventure. The Hector story was good, but I actually think the race officials story is even funnier. Saturday’s ride ended up being perfect for me too. It’s funny because I remember we were comparing watts when we got back, and you said something about me working harder, but I immediately knew the watts/kg would correct that statement, and sure enough we were almost identical on our watts/kg for the whole ride! I wasn’t really sure how I would feel Sunday morning as I had promised a friend I would join him on the Lakemonte Sunday ride. I have never done that ride, and wanted to make sure I would be fresh enough to handle it. I woke up feeling better than I thought I would so I went. Turns out it’s one of those kind of rides you can pretty much make it what you want. Once I got comfortable with the route I joined a little five man break that went down Markham Woods Road, and got some good work in there. We stayed away for about two and half miles before the group caught us right before one of the sprint points. Just as I sat up from the break to watch the sprint I saw a guy go down in front of me doing at least 35 MPH!!! It was not a pretty site, but he got very lucky and ended up with what appeared to be some pretty bad road rash, but unbelievably finished the ride. I got one more chance to do a little work helping bridge up to a quasi-two man break later, but that was about it. I’m not a fan of the big groups like that, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to do them every now and then to change things up, and improve your group riding skills…or should I say “looking out for moron riders around you” skills!!! Anyway, glad you are feeling better and looking forward to our next ride.

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    • When I crossed over the race finish line I thought about throwing my hands up in victory, but I decided that everyone was confused enough by my presence. 😀

      Sounds like a textbook Lakemont ride: a crash, some fast sprints, breakaways and I heard the police got involved. Oh, plus some rain. That’s your kind of ride, Paul! 😉

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  2. Dude, that would have been a classic move if you had done that!!! Textbook Lakemont for sure…it was the poster child of why I don’t do a lot of big group rides. As far as the cop…well, don’t even get me going on that idiot. I will say one thing about it though. Before you tell a bunch of fit cyclists you are on our side and one of us yourself, try dropping a few kilos from your 5’10” 275 pound self with your police bike collecting dust on the bike rack of your patrol car!!! The group was perfectly behaved, and not causing any problems when we got stopped on Markham Woods Road. The guy pulls in front of the whole group, and nearly caused a pile up into his car. Then he references the bike lanes on Markham Woods Road…I’ve ridden that road no less than 100 times and I absolutely frickin’ GUARANTEE there is not a bike lane on that road!!! He was an ignorant power tripping cop who obviously is too scared to go patrol the hood where someone may run from him or shoot at him because messing with a bunch of guys in spandex on a quite Sunday afternoon is definitely why people vote for Don Eslinger every year!!!

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  3. I can see how my description sounds like the guy in Russell’s video, but it was actually a different guy. The latest guy was actually in a little better shape, but still not one that could claim identification with a bunch of guys in an experienced local group ride.

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