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Six Gap century 2015!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 by  
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Last year I trained my ass off for the Six Gap Century, which is held in the mountains of Northern Georgia each year in late September. Six Gap is 104 miles in length, and contains more than 11,000 feet of vertical. The 11,000 feet of vertical is not mere “elevation”: we’re talking six sustained categorized mountain climbs, unlike anything found in Florida. The toughest climb on this ride is Hogpen Gap, which has an average grade of 7% for seven miles, and sections as steep as 15%.

As the event date approached last year, I was truly at my peak conditioning level, and felt stronger on the bike than I’d ever felt before. I was ready. Unfortunately a few weeks before the event an unavoidable work conflict arose, and the rug was pulled out from under me. I was not able to go, and I was pissed.

Six Gap: 3,000 cyclists, 104 miles, 11,200 feet of vertical climbing.

Six Gap: 3,000 cyclists, 104 miles, 11,200 feet of vertical climbing.


The last time I really went away anywhere was the Black Bear Rampage mountain bike race in 2013, and that was basically just a long weekend. I work hard, I’m on call 24/7 and I have not had a real vacation in more than a decade. I deserve this. This year I. AM. GOING.

I’m in good shape right now, but I can do a lot better. Over the next four months I’m going to be training harder than ever, and my diet is going to be tight as a drum. Apart from a weekly splurge meal, I’ll be abstaining from alcohol and eating super clean. When I take on those mountains this September, I’ll do so knowing I did everything in my power to crush them.

Queue up the Rocky soundtrack: my Six Gap training starts now.

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