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Feeling good; May, and already sick of the heat.

Saturday, May 23, 2015 by  
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It felt good to tighten up my diet this week. I was really strict, and almost felt like I was in cutting mode. Well, I guess in a way I am cutting, but very slowly. The nice thing is I have a splurge meal meal to enjoy tonight, which is definitely something I would not be having on one of my usual cuts.

I’ve been sleeping really well this week, and overall I’m feeling quite good.

I'm so ready for fall.

I’m so ready for fall.

The heat and humidity is driving me insane, though. I swear, sometimes I really want to move away from here. Florida’s awesome during the cooler months, but the brutal and seemingly endless summers are starting to wear on me. Most of my friends prefer the heat to the cold for riding, but not me. I’ll take cold, even freezing cold, over this oppressive and humid heat any day.

Speaking of the heat, I’m going to try and avoid it by riding early. Over and out.

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