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2015 cut and beyond: mistakes were made…

In the midst of yesterday’s blog, in which I discussed my diet and training plans for the Six Gap Century ride later this year, I wrote that I made some errors after completing an otherwise extremely successful 2015 cutting program. There’s not much to be gained by putting my head in the sand, so today I’d like to take a quick look at where I messed up. I believe my problems started before I even… [Read more]

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Six Gap diet and training plans… Me and my buddy Mike doing Sugarloaf repeats on a rainy morning last year. I'll be seeing a lot of this hill and her sisters in the coming months...

I love training “just because”, but when I’m working towards a goal my passion ratchets up to an entirely new level. Now that I’ve committed to doing Six Gap at the end of September (see “Six Gap Century 2015!“), every workout and meal becomes an important component of how I will perform in that event. I’ve nailed down travel and lodging, and I’ve roughed out my training plan. As you might expect, my training between… [Read more]

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Thinking of selling Bloodbear (1972 vintage Raleigh Super Course) 1972 Raleigh Super Course Fixie Frankenbike. I call her Bloodbear.

I am strongly considering selling my vintage 1972 Raleigh Super Course. The bike is not stock, and has been converted into a fixie. I bought this bike late last year, but it’s seen practically no action. I hate to see a great bike collect dust, and right now I would get a lot more use out of a Time Trial bike. Here’s a some information about her: Original Reynolds 531 steel frame Original Coffee paint… [Read more]

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Six Gap century 2015! Six Gap: 3,000 cyclists, 104 miles, 11,200 feet of vertical climbing.

Last year I trained my ass off for the Six Gap Century, which is held in the mountains of Northern Georgia each year in late September. Six Gap is 104 miles in length, and contains more than 11,000 feet of vertical. The 11,000 feet of vertical is not mere “elevation”: we’re talking six sustained categorized mountain climbs, unlike anything found in Florida. The toughest climb on this ride is Hogpen Gap, which has an average… [Read more]

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Definitely feeling better, excellent weekend of riding. A relatively cool and beautiful start to Saturday's ride1

I think I’m mostly over that cold or whatever it was that plagued me pretty much all last week. Unfortunately Lisa, who was out of town visiting a friend for three days, became ill the first night of her return. She was up all night throwing up, and spent most of yesterday in bed sleeping. I’m not sure if she’s dealing with the same thing I was or not. My stomach was definitely off the… [Read more]

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2015 maintenance progress report: Week #6 EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Week #6 of my 2015 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. METHODS AND MINUTIA: A few words about my body fat test, scale weight and soft tape measurements My body fat, tape measurements and scale weight are all performed while fasted (first thing in the morning before eating or drinking). All measurements are taken “cold” (no pump), and flexed. A 7-point or 9-point body fat caliper pinch test is… [Read more]

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Dialing back the distance and intensity this weekend…

I’ve been feeling like crap pretty much all week long. Whatever it is, at least it’s not debilitating. About the only thing it’s really affecting is my training. On yesterday’s ride I decided to see how I felt doing a fairly hard ~9 minute effort, and my lungs felt as if they were on fire. In addition, my heart rate was about 20 BPM higher than it should have been for the level of effort… [Read more]

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Daily Riding Streak milestone: 500 days; New rear Zipp 404 mounted 2015 Zipp 404 Firecrest full carbon clincher (with V9 hub) mounted! I love the new stealthy and borderless die cut black decals.

Yesterday was a red letter day for me: day 500 in my daily riding streak! Without fail, I’ve now ridden at least once every single day since December 31, 2013. The minimum distance for a ride to count towards this goal is 10 miles (16.09 kilometers), but I’ve exceeded that minimum by quite a large margin. Here are a few numbers: Riding Streak: 500 days Total Distance: 16,944.2 miles // 27,269.05 kilometers Average Daily Distance:… [Read more]

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Sticking with Zipp; 2014+ Zipp decal removal and installation

The sponsorship deal I mentioned a couple of times over the past week or two didn’t materialize. The company JSF was considering partnering with is a very good one, and on a personal note I like the owner a great deal, but we just couldn’t nail down a mutually acceptable agreement at this time. We are still on excellent terms, and will definitely be looking at other potential opportunities to partner up at some point… [Read more]

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Uh oh, I seem to be sick; Lakemont ride with video footage Lakemont Long ride, about 13 miles in. We're on the University of Central Florida campus here, turning onto North Orion. We'll be passing Bright House Stadium shortly.

Yesterday I intended to ride hard, but not too deep into my ride I started feeling horrible. I decided to shut it down, and remained in Zone 2 for the rest of the ride. I felt off all day yesterday, and this morning I’m feeling even worse. Looks like I’ve picked up a bug of some kind. Thankfully I’m not so sick that I can’t ride, but I’m not really going to enjoy it. I’d… [Read more]

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