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Work, diet and training update

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 by  
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Things at work are still pretty crazy, but the hours I’ve been putting in have been toned down to something approaching normal. In fact, Lisa is off from work tomorrow, and I’m planning to take half-day off. Fingers crossed that the network gods are feeling merciful.

I think Sonny is tired of me sitting at my desk when I should obviously be playing with him. I got up late yesterday afternoon to refill my water bottle, and when I returned he’d commandeered the captain’s chair:

Sonny has been helping me with my workload.

Sonny has been helping me with my workload.


Diet so far this week has been pretty good, but not great. I said on Monday that I was going to tighten things up (in fact, I was a little more emphatic than that), but I’ve been feeling mentally drained and, admittedly, weak in that department. I’ve not had any splurge meals, but I’ve been snacking in the afternoon as I work. I make a simple little snack mix with pretzels, almonds and these awesome Wasabi peas (to which I’ve become addicted). I need to put the brakes on that, and get back to having oatmeal for my afternoon snack.

Training has been good, but the heat is killing me. We hit triple digits yesterday, with a heat index of approximately 4 billion degrees. The oppressive heat and humidity are taking the fun out of my rides. Yesterday morning I rolled before 9:00 and did a 30 mile ride at lower Zone 3. When I finished I was down more than 5 pounds. I really want to move, and I’m not kidding about that. Between the heat and the horrible drivers, I’m about over Florida.

Speaking of heat and bad drivers, I need to wrap this up and go face those two things.

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