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2015 maintenance progress report: Week #11

Sunday, June 21, 2015 by  
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Week #11 of my 2015 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report.

Please note that I took a couple weeks off from blogging, so when you see “last week” that actually refers to three weeks ago (May 31).

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

A few words about my body fat test, scale weight and soft tape measurements

  • My body fat, tape measurements and scale weight are all performed while fasted (first thing in the morning before eating or drinking).
  • All measurements are taken “cold” (no pump), and flexed.
  • A 7-point or 9-point body fat caliper pinch test is the most accurate “at-home” method of determining one’s body fat percentage, but even in the most skilled hands calipers have a margin of error up to +/-3%. The key is consistent readings from one week to the next: the actual number is not that important (to me). With that said, I believe my caliper body fat reading is consistently 1.5% – 2% lower than my actual body fat percentage. For example, if my caliper indicates 5.6% body fat, I believe my actual body fat is probably around 7.1%.
  • If you want the most accurate body fat percentage reading possible, go have a DEXA test done.


This is the exact equipment I use to track my progress every week



My scale weight this morning (as measured by the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale) is 172.2 pounds. That’s a +4.6 pound change since last week’s weight of 167.6 pounds, and a +7.0 pound change from my 2015 maintenance starting weight of 165.2 pounds.

My 7-point body fat reading this morning (as measured by the FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Caliper) is 9.8%. That’s a +1.8% change since last week’s body fat measurement of 7.9%, and a +2.9% change from my 2015 maintenance starting body fat measurement of 6.9%.

Over the past week I’ve gained 3.64 pounds of fat and gained 0.96 pounds of lean mass. Since the beginning of my 2015 maintenance program I’ve gained a total of 5.48 pounds of fat and gained a total of 1.52 pounds of lean mass.

My tape measurements (as measured by the MyoTape) show a three-quarter inch gain to each my waist and my hips and a half-inch gain to my quads, while all other measurements have remained the same. Since the beginning of my 2015 maintenance program I’ve added an inch to my waist, an inch to my hips and three quarters of an inch to my quads, while all other measurements have remained the same.

Here are this week’s actual tape measurements:

Current Measurement
Waist 31.0″
Hips 37.0″
Forearms 12″
Arms 14.25″
Quads 21.75″
Calves 15.00″
Chest 39.25″



Completely off the rails. I detailed my failures in my “Good, Bad and Ugly” post-hiatus report, so if you want the full bad and ugly, go check that blog out. The short version is stress, lack of sleep and reduced activity level due to long work days were a deadly combination. That’s not an excuse, I accept fully responsibility.



Diet over the past three weeks has been a mixed bag. I have not indulged in too many full-blown splurge meals, but I’ve been eating more than my activity level allows (clearly), and have indulged in quite a few unhealthy snacks. Alcohol consumption, normally limited to weekends, has been higher than usual, as well.

To drink this week I consumed water (about 1.5+ gallons per day), several cups of black coffee each morning, a little calorie-free iced coffee, a cup of warm Yogi Peach DeTox tea each afternoon and a cup of warm Yogi Bedtime tea each evening before bed. Gatorade was consumed on my longer training rides.



Activity level the first week I was taking a break from blogging was extremely low: I only cycled about 142 miles, and I didn’t lift. The second week was much better, and during that week I hit the iron and cycled more than 300 miles.

So far this week I’ve cycled a little over 200 miles and today I’ll be adding another 30-40 miles to that total.

My riding streak continues unbroken with 537 straight days in the saddle starting December 31, 2013.

My cycling totals for 2015 (171 days) currently stand at 5,676.70 miles with 205,564 feet of elevation. My total riding time for 2015 is 279 hours in the saddle.

I’ve set 325 cycling personal records for time so far in 2015, and 11 lifetime best power output personal records. Here are all my current power output personal records.



While there is no immediate end in sight to the problems I’ve been dealing with for the past few weeks (in fact, there’s a 99% chance things are going to get worse before they get better), I’m stopping this weight gain bullshit right now. Moderate caloric deficit with 100% clean foods, no alcohol, weight training and lots of cycling. One splurge meal per week (alcohol allowed with that meal), and that’s it. This will continue until I’m back below 165 pounds.

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One Response to “2015 maintenance progress report: Week #11”
  1. I know you will do this. You still have a super small waist at 31 inches! I’m now in a maintenance phase myself. I still have about 10 lbs. to lose but I’m training right now and don’t want to starve. I’m experimenting with eating a large deficit 2 to 3 days per week, maintenance calories a couple days then relaxing on the weekends. I don’t drink much alcohol though. Anyway back in January thinking forward to this moment I knew maintaining would be the hardest part. I had failed before. I know I can’t let myself regain the weight I have lost. I also know that from following this site for over 10 years that you always do what you put your mind to. With enough focus 7 lbs. will melt right off of you.

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