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Overslept, Friday quickie…

Friday, June 26, 2015 by  
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This has been another long and stressful week, but hopefully I’ll have a couple days to ride and relax over the weekend.

oversleptThis morning I’m going to try to get a decent ride in before work. I was planning to roll out at 7:00 AM, but Sonny the wonder dog decided to unleash a barrage of warning barks at 1:30 this morning (it was only Lisa he heard). Sonny has the most amazing hearing of any dog I’ve ever owned before. Nothing gets by him.

After Sonny woke me up I had a lot of trouble falling back asleep, and wound up sleeping until almost 6:00 this morning. Now I’m way behind.

So, I’m going to wrap this one up and get ready to ride. Happy Friday, fitness pals!

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One Response to “Overslept, Friday quickie…”
  1. I can relate to what your experiencing today – my wife and I are crate training a new 8 week old puppy and he gets us up a couple of times a night. My wife got up with him early today and let me sleep in and I woke up running behind myself (still trying to clear the cobwebs from my brain). What we do for our pets!

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