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2015 maintenance progress report: Week #11 EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Week #11 of my 2015 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. Please note that I took a couple weeks off from blogging, so when you see “last week” that actually refers to three weeks ago (May 31). METHODS AND MINUTIA: A few words about my body fat test, scale weight and soft tape measurements My body fat, tape measurements and scale weight are all performed while fasted (first thing… [Read more]

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Stress taking its toll, trying to roll with it.

I didn’t have much time to ride yesterday–just a short time before work–but I made the best of it and hit the road for about an hour of mostly sweet spot interval training. I felt okay, but not great. Right now I’ll take “okay”, because I’ve been feeling extremely off my game on the bike over the past two or three weeks. I think the root of my problem is stress. Stress, of course, often… [Read more]

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Nice day yesterday, paying for it today. The Goldblum

I took most of yesterday off from work, and had a great time hanging out with Lisa and her parents. After my morning ride, Lisa and I went over to her parents house, where I set up a WiFi router and some other WiFi stuff for them. Can you believe they have never had wireless until now? Now they can actually use their bangin’ 65″ 3D smart TV, and not use their cell phone data… [Read more]

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AtLarge Nutrition Vanilla Nitrean: $10.00 off sale! Nitrean Natural Vanilla

Quick blog this morning, I’m taking a half-day off from work and I need to get my ride in early. Once I post this I’m going to do a quick one hour ride, then head over to Lisa’s parents house to help them with some wireless and cell phone stuff. After that, we’re all going out to see Jurassic World in IMAX 3D. I’m really looking forward to chilling out for a few hours. Longtime… [Read more]

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Work, diet and training update Sonny has been helping me with my workload.

Things at work are still pretty crazy, but the hours I’ve been putting in have been toned down to something approaching normal. In fact, Lisa is off from work tomorrow, and I’m planning to take half-day off. Fingers crossed that the network gods are feeling merciful. I think Sonny is tired of me sitting at my desk when I should obviously be playing with him. I got up late yesterday afternoon to refill my water… [Read more]

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Is it just me, or… I don't really sleep with a stuffed bear. Well, not too often, anyway.

Lack of sleep really affects me. I know some people who can get by with 4 or 5 hours of sleep a few nights per week, or even every night. I wish I were like that because, like, I’ve got stuff to do, man. Unfortunately I’m one of those dudes who need a solid 8 hours of time-wasting sleep to feel on my game. I like to get up early, so I tend to hit… [Read more]

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I’m back; Good, Bad and Ugly report required Still unavailable for comment.

Hello JSFers! The past couple of weeks have been… interesting. I wish I could say the worst is behind me, but unfortunately that’s probably not the reality of the situation. I’m not really going to get into all of that right now, and instead will focus this morning’s blog on my diet and training over the past couple of weeks. Blondie, take it away. The Good Despite some incredibly long and stressful work days, I… [Read more]

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Brief hiatus…

Sorry about the short notice, but yesterday a major work issue came up that is going to require my full attention for awhile. I may need to travel and, even if I don’t, I’m not going to have much free time until the situation is resolved. Unless things go completely sideways, I’ll keep my 519+ day riding streak going. I don’t foresee a situation in which I won’t be able to break away for at… [Read more]

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My cycling month in review: May 2015 Amazing clouds while riding back from Clermont on a solo metric century. Somehow I avoided the rain.

My cycling month in review: May 2015

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