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A few thoughts on earbuds while cycling… MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire (Black)

A recent thread on the JSF forums asked about earbud use while cycling. I replied (duplicated below) with my thoughts, but I am curious to know how other cyclists feel about their use. Feel free to comment here or on the forums. I believe that only two states (Florida and Rhode Island) completely prohibit the use of earbuds while cycling on public roads. Three states (California, Delaware and Maryland) allow the use of earbuds use… [Read more]

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Saw a Black Bear on yesterday’s road ride! The white object near its face is a tracking tag.

Yesterday morning as I was nearing the end of my 50 mile ride, a black bear ran across the road in front of me–in my own subdivision! After turning into my subdivision I was riding along when I spotted an animal moving up ahead on the right-hand side of the road. I figured it was a dog and–depending its demeanor–was prepared to stop or sprint, but as I drew a little closer to the animal… [Read more]

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Grading my July diet…

My training deserves a solid “A” for the month of July, but my diet over the past month has been borderline shameful. While I didn’t keep careful records of my diet during July, I think I can safely say that I averaged about 3 splurge dinners per week, and those splurges included beer. I rate my diet a pathetic D-. Because my activity level was so high (40-50+ miles per day, followed immediately by 4+… [Read more]

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Landscaping project in detail. Just another average Tuesday pickup. I'll bet my garbage man hates me.

In yesterday’s blog I talked about some of the reasons for my extended absence from JSF this month. As I mentioned yesterday, one of the bigger projects I’ve been working on is a complete redesign of our landscaping. It seems like whenever I bring up my various landscaping projects (and that includes my herb, vegetable and pepper garden, the pond and so forth) many of you are interested in the details. Today I’ll provide a… [Read more]

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I’m glad to be back; A few words of explanation…

In the nearly 13 year existence of JSF the only time I’ve taken a break longer than two weeks was when we moved in late 2007/early 2008. My last blog was posted July 3, 2015–more than three weeks ago. So, while not unprecedented, it was certainly a lengthy and unusual absence. As I stated in my July 3 blog, some of what’s been going on is personal stuff, some professional. I’m cool with talking publicly… [Read more]

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Signing off for a bit once again…

I know I’ve only been back for a couple weeks after my last unplanned absence, but I’m afraid going to have to hit the pause button once again. Professionally and personally (don’t worry–Lisa and I have never been better, that’s not the issue) I’m facing a number of difficult challenges right now. I launched JSF back in 2003, and over the 12+ years JSF has been in existence I’ve taken very few breaks from my… [Read more]

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ISM Breakaway saddle: 1 week report ISM Breakaway: back view.

I slapped the ISM Breakaway saddle on my bike one week ago, and I want to give an initial report. I knew going in that the unique design of the ISM saddle would require an adjustment period, and that there would be some soreness for a time. ISM recommends starting off with relatively short rides, and so that’s what I did: Wednesday, June 24: 25.2 miles Thursday, June 25: 30.4 miles Friday, June 26: 43.6… [Read more]

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My cycling month in review: June 2015 This shot was taken on a metric century I did with my friend Paul (pictured). It was an incredibly hot June and, despite our early start, we roasted on this ride!

My cycling month in review: June 2015

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