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ISM Breakaway saddle: 1 week report

Thursday, July 2, 2015 by  
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I slapped the ISM Breakaway saddle on my bike one week ago, and I want to give an initial report.

I knew going in that the unique design of the ISM saddle would require an adjustment period, and that there would be some soreness for a time. ISM recommends starting off with relatively short rides, and so that’s what I did:

ISM Breakaway: back view.

ISM Breakaway: back view.

Wednesday, June 24: 25.2 miles
Thursday, June 25: 30.4 miles
Friday, June 26: 43.6 miles
Saturday, June 27: 26.1 miles
Sunday, June 28: 41.2 miles
Monday, June 29: 20.4 miles
Tuesday, June 30: 21.7 miles
Wednesday, July 1: 25.9 miles

In addition to the above, there was some time spent on the indoor trainer while I was adjusting the saddle. So, all told, about 250 miles during the first week.

I experienced some tenderness after the first couple of rides (again, as expected), but it was not bad at all. When I did the 43.6 mile ride on Friday morning, by the end the pressure points were definitely feeling some ache. I backed it down on Saturday, and then increased the distance slightly on Sunday.

I am happy to report that I have experienced absolutely no numbness or tingling since I started using this saddle.

Unfortunately, though, I developed a saddle sore on the left side. It’s a pretty painful one, too. The saddle sore is in the exact same place as I always get them (I’m going to get a little graphic here): it’s where my leg joins my body, just “south” of my testicles. 🙁

The sore started to appear on Sunday, became worse on Monday and I’ve been dealing with it ever since.

I am fairly confident that saddle is adjusted correctly: no bouncing or hip movement when pedaling, my fore-aft position is correct, no knee pain and, apart from the sore, I’m very comfortable on the saddle in all riding positions. Also, I only wear very high end bib shorts, I always use chamois cream and I’m very diligent about cleanliness before and after riding.

I’m going to contact the folks at ISM and see if they have any suggestions. I’m hoping that this is a “getting used to the saddle” sore (or something a mild adjustment can correct), because I like this saddle quite a lot.

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