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Signing off for a bit once again…

Friday, July 3, 2015 by  
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Out of officeI know I’ve only been back for a couple weeks after my last unplanned absence, but I’m afraid going to have to hit the pause button once again. Professionally and personally (don’t worry–Lisa and I have never been better, that’s not the issue) I’m facing a number of difficult challenges right now.

I launched JSF back in 2003, and over the 12+ years JSF has been in existence I’ve taken very few breaks from my daily blog: holidays a couple times per year, time off to move–that sort of thing. The reason I don’t take many breaks is because I truly love writing my blog each morning. Right now, though, I’ve got to focus on other things in my life that are also extremely important to me.

I promise that it will be business as usual as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding. See you again soon.

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9 Responses to “Signing off for a bit once again…”
  1. I know John doesn’t owe us anything; I sure do miss him though! This level of breaks is unprecedented in JSF history so whatever is going on must be very challenging. Hope it’s all going OK John!

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      • Yup me too! He used to be that crazy guy that actually got in shape, stayed in shape and took pictures (Front and side!) every day. Now he’s the crazy guy that rides his bike every damn day.

        That’s why i read, that mofo is crazy.

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