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Grading my July diet…

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 by  
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My training deserves a solid “A” for the month of July, but my diet over the past month has been borderline shameful.

While I didn’t keep careful records of my diet during July, I think I can safely say that I averaged about 3 splurge dinners per week, and those splurges included beer. I rate my diet a pathetic D-.

Because my activity level was so high (40-50+ miles per day, followed immediately by 4+ hours of hard manual labor outside), my scale weight has remained fairly consistent. That doesn’t change the fact that I was fueling those activities with less than ideal food choices. This may be part of the reason I’ve been feeling under the weather the past few days. Of course there’s no question that I overdid things physically, and that’s part of it, too.

I sure ate a lot of calories in July, but I also burned them off with exercise. I guess I could say it was a wash and no harm done, but part of me thinks I missed a golden opportunity to drop a couple pounds, which I definitely would not mind doing. On the other hand, there’s a very good chance if I’d eaten under maintenance I would not have had enough energy for the work. I’ll admit I definitely could have selected better food choices.

This week I’ve been hovering around a C+: not perfect, but better than the past three weeks. Since I have not been feeling well, I’ve been eating a little over maintenance. At least my food choices have been decent. Hopefully by next week I’ll be feeling much better, and can eat slightly under maintenance for a few weeks without affecting performance.

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