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I may have finally found the right saddle; AtLarge stack sale

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 by  
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As many of you know, saddle discomfort is something I’ve been dealing with for many years. Not too long before I took a few weeks off from blogging last month, I replaced the saddle I’d been using for about 20,000 miles with a new ISM Breakaway model. I’d heard many good things about ISM saddles, which are of a very non-traditional design. I had high hopes…

Well, after just a week I’d developed a painful saddle sore on the left side of where my leg meets my body (see, “ISM Breakaway saddle: 1 week report“). Rather than give up on the saddle, I began to fiddle with how it was positioned on my bike.

After one month and about 1,300 miles, I threw in the towel. By the end of the 30 days my saddle sores were worse than ever, and I was in constant pain on every ride. I sure picked a great month to set a new distance PR of more than 1,300 miles, didn’t I? 😉

I’ve been on another new saddle for about a week, and so far I have logged 322 miles on it. My saddle sores are all but gone and, for the first time ever, I feel pretty comfortable.

I’m running late for this morning’s ride, so I’ll do the reveal along with some more information in tomorrow’s blog.

Want to bust out of that lifting rut? Long-time JSF sponsor AtLarge Nutrition has a deal going on that will help get you there. I used Results and Nitrean on my 2008 bulk (their pre-workout didn’t exist back then), and I had the most successful bulk of my entire bodybuilding “career”.

Here’s the deal:

AtLarge Nutrition

AtLarge Nutrition

Want to beat your PRs in two weeks? Try the following combo:

1) RESULTS 2.0 – two scoops post-workout on training days and two with a meal on off days (must be used 7 days per week)
2) Pre-Workout – one scoop about 40 minutes prior to training
3) Nitrean Natural – 1.5 scoops post-workout on training days That’s it.

Drop anything else you take and take the above stack as described for two weeks and you WILL set PRs left and right. Use the code: STACK at checkout and save $20!

AtLarge Nutrition

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2 Responses to “I may have finally found the right saddle; AtLarge stack sale”
  1. > I’m running late for this morning’s ride, so I’ll do the reveal tomorrow…


    I’ll be interested to hear what you came up with. I’m on my fourth saddle in about two months as I attempt to address a lingering tear / strain in my gluteus.

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