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Specialized Power Pro Saddle: Final verdict

Monday, August 17, 2015 by  
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I’ve made several posts about my initial experiences on the Specialized Power Pro saddle, but this morning I am ready to render my final verdict.

My first impressions of the Power Pro (after 360 miles) were extremely positive, and I gave the saddle an preliminary rating of 8 out of 10.

After logging 600 miles I made a followup post, and raised my rating to 8.5 out of 10.

In that last blog entry, I mentioned that I wanted to reserve my final rating until I’d done a century on the saddle. This past Friday I rode a century, and I came away more impressed with the saddle than ever! I’ll get into that a little further down…

Specialized Power Pro saddle, purchased from Orange Cycle.

Specialized Power Pro saddle, purchased from Orange Cycle.

So I’ve had the Specialized Power Pro for about three weeks now, and have logged a total of almost 900 miles on it. I can say without any reservation that the past three weeks are the most comfortable I’ve ever been on a road bike, and by a large margin.

When I bolted up the Power Pro, I’d just removed the ISM Breakway saddle I’d been demoing for the past month. During the month I was using the ISM seat, I put 1,300 miles on it. It was a terrible match for me: I was in constant pain on the bike, and developed agonizing saddle sores early on. Those saddle sores became worse as the month wore on.

Within a few days of switching to the Power Pro, my saddle sores were all but gone. After about a week on the Power pro, the saddle sores were completely gone, and they did not return.

I should note that the saddle I was using before the ISM, the Selle Italia Max Flite Gel Flow, was barely okay for me. I put more than 20,000 miles on that saddle, and saddle sores were an on-and-off issue the entire time.

Let’s get back to Friday’s 100 mile ride…

During the ride itself, I experienced no significant discomfort. Of course when you’re sitting on a small bit of carbon with minimal padding while riding over rough road for 4+ hours you’ve got to switch riding positions to prevent discomfort, but that’s true of any saddle. The point is, I was comfortable the entire ride.

What I was really curious about is how my butt would feel on my ride the day after the century. I’ve done dozens of century rides, and the day after a century I would always feel some tenderness and discomfort–always.

I set out on Saturday morning to do a short 20 mile recovery ride, and there was absolutely no (and I mean ZERO) discomfort. I’m not kidding, as far as my butt knew I had not even been on the bike the day prior, let alone done a 100 mile ride. I felt so good that I wound up extending the ride and going harder than I’d planned.

Yesterday (Sunday), I did a 53 mile ride and, once again, there was no tenderness or discomfort from the previous days’ rides.

In the past putting in 200 miles over a long weekend would always be a literal pain in my ass, but on the Power Pro it’s a non-issue. I’m all smiles.

I’ll also note that the short nose and large cutout are working as designed: I’ve experienced absolutely no numbness or tingling.

My final rating of the Specialized Power Pro saddle is a solid 9 out of 10. I would recommend this saddle to anyone who spends a lot of time riding aero.

A huge “thank you!” goes out to my buddy Hector for turning me onto this gem; my enjoyment of the ride is at a whole new level now that I’m finally comfortable.

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