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I am feeling a little under the weather…

Thursday, August 27, 2015 by  
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Not too long after Tuesday’s aggressive ride with a couple of friends I started feeling a little tired and weak. I went to bed extra early that night, but all day yesterday that tired/weak feeling persisted, and I noticed a touch of chest congestion as well.

virusThere’s been some stuff going around, and it looks like I may have picked up cold or whatever.

I went fairly easy on yesterday’s short 20 mile ride, with a mild 200 watt (mid Zone 2) effort. My average heart rate was nice and low (136 BPM), which is my aerobic HR zone. I was planning to do intervals yesterday, but I think I made the right choice to go easy.

I hit the sack very early again last night, but this morning I’m feeling about the same as I was yesterday.

Thankfully, so far, it’s nothing more than an annoyance, and no additional symptoms have shown up. About the only thing it’s affecting is my training, which is definitely annoying. I suppose I should be thankful it’s not worse!

Today I’m going to go short again, and probably back down the intensity even further and do a true recovery ride. I really hope I’m feeling better by the weekend so I can get some good solid rides in!

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