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Decision made: late year cut starts on Tuesday

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 by  
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In mid-August I mentioned that I was considering a late year cut (see that blog for more information). I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and I’ve decided that I’m going to do it. I’ve set my start date: Tuesday (Monday is a holiday), September 8, 2015.

This was towards the end of my 2015 cut. I continued cutting for a full two weeks after this picture was taken. It was too much.

This was towards the end of my 2015 cut. I continued cutting for a full two weeks after this picture was taken. It was too much.

I discussed some of the reasons that I’m in this position back in May (see “2015 cut and beyond: mistakes were madeā€¦)”, and I will be taking measures to ensure I don’t duplicate those errors. Because of that, I’ve decided to do this cut a little differently than my usual ultra-strict cutting style (no cheat meals, no alcohol, aggressive caloric deficit, nothing off my planned diet).

Here is the plan (I’ll go into a little more detail below the list):

  • All meals will be logged and publicly displayed on MyFitnessPal.
  • Mild caloric deficit.
  • Clean diet, mostly consisting of all-natural whole foods.
  • No alcohol.
  • 1 “splurge” meal per week, alcohol allowed.
  • 1 “splurge” snack per week (for example, movie theater popcorn).
  • No missed workouts. Cycling 7 days per week, 1 weight training workout per week.
  • Weekly stats and evaluation posted here every Sunday.

Those of you who have followed any of my previous cuts have certainly spotted some changes…

I’m going to be far less aggressive with my caloric deficit, as I’ve got some big and fast rides coming up over the next few months (most of them centuries). I need to make sure I have the fuel to perform well on those rides.

The weekly cheat/splurge meal and snack is something that will help keep my glycogen stores topped off, but I could also accomplish that with a clean weekly refeed. The reason I’m allowing the cheat meal and snack is primarily social. There are a number of events (family get-togethers, parties, the holidays, post-ride food with my friends, etc) that I don’t want to enjoy in their full glory. Of course allowing alcohol, even just once per week, is something I have never done while cutting.

Believe it or not, the weekly cheat meal is actually going to make this cut more difficult for me. I’m so all-or-nothing that any interruption in momentum is extremely tough for me to handle. Keeping it to one cheat meal and one cheat snack per week is going to be a serious test of my willpower.

I’m relaxing my diet a little this week, as that always helps me to get mentally prepared for a cut. I expect my scale weight is going to be around 175-176 pounds on Tuesday when I start. My goal is to get back into the low 160s–around 163 pounds. I’m not looking to get shredded or down to crazy low body fat levels, as I did during my early 2015 cut. I think cutting that deep was actually counter-productive, and set the stage for a bounce.

So, for now I’m calling my goal 163 pounds, but I’ll know when it’s time to call it a day. That may be 165 pounds, or it may be 161 pounds. We’ll see.

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6 Responses to “Decision made: late year cut starts on Tuesday”
  1. It seems like you have already been following your cutting routine by riding everyday and eating clean around maintenance with only one splurge meal per week. What are you planning on doing that will make a difference? If it is eating under calories, wont your rides suffer somewhat?

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      • Are you tracking how many calories you are burning? I would assume with the nicer riding weather coming up, that you would be riding a little longer which would in turn burn off those additional calories.

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        • No, I never track when maintaining. I have a good sense of where I need to be, and I’ll be tracking/adjusting as needed while I’m cutting. I doubt I’ll be riding a great deal more over the cooler months, I don’t slack off in the summer just because it’s hot.

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  2. I love this late year cut. I came home from my last surgery on September 2, 2013. I weighed 242 (a lot of water weight). Today I weighed in at 171. Only problem is I am little girl weak! I am going to follow your cut, but with a goal of getting strong on the bike and in the gym while maintaining 170. I think I am going to keep a journal in the forums section. Looking forward to following your progress John!

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